Dr. Fauci Is Just Making It up as He Goes, and This Latest Example Proves It

Dr. Anthony Fauci may be a saintly figure within media circles, but most of us recognized his game within a month or two of the pandemic starting. Claiming expertise does not in fact make someone an expert, as Never Trumper Tom Nichols so aptly illustrates, and Fauci has quickly fallen into that category. The good doctor’s claims shift on a dime, moving from each side of an issue with no accountability for ever being wrong. The commonality in everything he does just so happens to be politics.

Take this latest contradiction, which happened over just a five-day period. Did the “science” shift that much in less than a week? Color me skeptical.

Heck, I was making fun of Fauci for his double masking endorsement the day it happened and not even I thought he’d flip-flop so quickly.

Of course double masking is a dumb idea. All it does is restrict your breathing, causing more nasty buildup inside, and possibly causing more problems than it solves. Masking in general has shown essentially no correlation to reducing spread rates. Yet, all the media and tech outlets ran to tout that Fauci had endorsed the practice. Fauci was never one for consistency, though, and he sawed that limb off almost immediately. You’d think people would have learned by now.

The irony here is that Fauci actually got it right the first time. It seems like an eternity ago, but his very first comments on masks under President Trump were that they are ineffective and have the unintended consequences of you touching your face and hurting the promotion of social distancing. That was the right answer and remains the right answer. It’s why we saw spread explode once mask mandates become widespread.

In the end, as I said, this is about politics. The reason Fauci shifted here is that a Biden official contradicted his initial endorsement of double masking late last week. Fauci obviously got the call and changed his tune. In other words, all his bragging about not being muzzled anymore is nonsense. Trump never muzzled him. That was made obvious by his constant appearances on CNN, but Biden is clearly controlling what comes out of the doctor’s mouth. Fauci is just too much of a liberal hack to admit it.


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