AOC's Latest Juvenile Rant Demanding Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley, Kevin McCarthy, "And Many Others Resign Show She Isn't Very Bright

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

Ever since the riot inside the Capitol that followed President Trump’s address to supporters on January 6, the Democrats have put on a full-court press to link that riot to the objections that several Republican Representatives and Senators raised to the Electoral College votes cast in five states where the voting process was so chaotic it is virtually impossible to declare a winner with any mathematical certainty. The strategy is pretty simple. The Democrats are seeking to link the Constitutional prerogative of every Senator and Representative to declare their disagreement with a vote by a particular state in the Electoral College with the riot. Never mind that Democrats challenged the 2016 and other votes. Because the elected official who dissented from the narrative were more likely to be conservative, this is simply a backdoor attempt to marginalize opposition voices in the House and Senate.

Naturally, one of the first on the bandwagon was high-school science fair winner and New York Democrat Representative Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. On January 7, she demanded that Texas Senator Ted Cruz resign. That suggestion didn’t go over all that well, see Ted Cruz Scorches AOC When She Demands He Resign Over the Capitol Riot.

After the brutal dragging that AOC got over that suggestion, one would think she would move on to a different topic, but when your brain is a big as hers, you see opportunities that are invisible to mere mortals. She was back at it again today demanding that Senator Cruz, Missouri Senator Josh Hawley, and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and probably all of the Republicans on Capitol Hill resign.

What we saw last week was not just a violent coup attempt, but we also saw a dereliction of duty and a betrayal of our country and a betrayal of the oath that we swear. And that is why I have demanded the resignations of senators Ted Cruz, senators Josh Hawley, Majority Leader, Republican Major— rather, Republican Minority Leader in the House McCarthy, Kevon McCarthy, along with many others, because this is not just about political opinion or partisanship. This was about the abandonment of our sworn oath.

For what? For personal ambition? For greater loyalty to a base?

It is more than a little unclear to me what authority she has to demand much of anything from anyone. Thus far, she’s a singularly unaccomplished but very loud-mouthed member of Congress. Her video delivery looks more like something my 16-year-old would be likely to produce than a statement by an adult who wants to be taken seriously. The eye-rolling and lip-smacking was pretty juvenile stuff.

Making demands no one listens to might play well with her social media base of incel white knights and flying monkeys that appear on Twitter whenever she is criticized out of some forlorn hope that she will see their impassioned defense of her honor and intelligence and sleep with them. It is not going to play well for her in the long run as she will discover that the House, and even Congress, are very small places where offending one person makes a lot of people unwilling to work with you.

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