Apple, Google and Amazon Team Up to Shut Down Parler Proving the 'Build Your Own Platform' People Were the Clowns We've Always Known They Were

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What has happened this week with Big Tech acting in unison to silence conservative voices on social media is not a shock. We all knew that the day would come when the nation would be handed over to the Democrats, and nasty, degenerate little SJWs that permeate social media companies would feel free to indulge in their fascistic fantasies. We’ve talked about the parabola of behavior that was becoming very obvious even before Donald Trump was elected in 2016. In the past couple of years, their behavior has become more and more egregious. The appearances of the social media CEOs like Dorsey and Zuckerberg on Capitol Hill have created nothing more than an unending string of broken promises and outright lies.


That the social media companies were out to suppress any voices that did not follow the progressive agenda is baked in. It is expected.

Despite all the evidence, a relentless quisling faction on the right reacted to what was happening with a shrug. If you objected to what was happening, they’d mutter some inane comment about “muh private company” and, my favorite, “build your own platform.”

Both of these arguments are stupid in the extreme and are only relevant in some Ayn Rand fantasy world.

When private companies become monopolies, they are subject to regulation to ensure they act in society’s best interests. The oil and steel monopolies were broken up. The telephone monopoly was tightly regulated. Radio and television operate under a federally issued license and are subject to federal supervision. Somehow the tech guys made common cause the libertarians and other grifters and created an environment where companies like Twitter and Facebook have unlimited power and absolutely no accountability or responsibility. For instance, a television statement is forbidden by law to refuse to carry or edit the content of a candidates’ ad. Twitter and Facebook both routinely block ads from conservative candidates that they don’t like. They add an editorial comment to candidate ads when they disapprove of the content pretending to be fact checks of the ad. And any time an objection is raised, the same voices start bleating that private companies can operate how they please (unless, of course, they don’t want to bake a cake for a homosexual wedding or rent a house to someone using housing vouchers or any number of other examples).


While the first argument is false on its face, the second is just stupid.

It takes billions of dollars in venture capital to create a social media platform. The programming that powers those platforms are copyrighted/patented, so you have to solve the same problems in a completely different way. You have to attract advertisers. And even if you are successful in that, it is just not enough.

Parler began to emerge as a possible challenger to Twitter. It is much more open than Twitter, though the interface is definitely much clunkier. This week as Parler became a destination for conservatives abandoning Twitter, Twitter’s Big Tech allies struck.

Earlier today, Google removed the Parler app from the Google Play store.

And minutes ago, Apple pulled Parler’s app from the Apple App Store. Keep in mind that Parler was the #1 downloaded app.


This means that you cannot use Parler on any Android or Apple phone or tablet because, although you think you own those devices, Apple and Google decide what can be used on them.

As if that was not enough, Amazon is booting Parler from their servers:

Now I’m sure you will hear that if you don’t like that, then create your own phone to use your own app. And on and on and on.

Let’s just cut to the chase. The social media companies, more specifically the assclowns who work for them and get off on finally making other people listen to them after they have spent their piss-ant lives being ignored and laughed at, are evil to the core and anti-freedom by their very nature. There is really no place for those companies, as currently constituted, in a liberal and pluralistic society, especially one that values freedom. There is no place for their employees in any position of power or influence.

People who claim that it is perfectly fine for social media companies to prevent you from using their platforms because of your political outlook are either knaves or poltroons. They either are in league with those who favor censoring opinions they don’t like, or they are too stupid to be allowed into the conversation in the first place.




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