President Trump Must Never Concede This Election to Joe Biden

Right now, the Trump campaign is engaged in a no-holds-barred legal struggle for the presidency and for the fate of our nation.

While on election night, President Trump appeared to be in a solid position to declare a win, as more and more ballots appeared, often in tranches of tens of thousands that were 100% for Biden, that lead dissipated. It seems that, unless an amazing statistical anomaly occurred in a handful of crucial states, over and over and over, extensive fraud took place.


As this fight wears on, calls will increase for President Trump to concede and congratulate Biden on his win. He should resist any advice to do so.

President Trump’s election in 2016 represented a triumph of American spirit over the sad, flaccid philosophy of internationalism. Open borders had encouraged untrammeled illegal immigration supported by a cartel of business groups, Democrat political fixers, and America-hating leftists who all saw illegal immigration as a key component of their agenda. Manufacturing was sent overseas and we were assured that American workers were not competitive and the jobs were not coming back. We were embroiled in a never-ending series of senseless military conflicts for which no one involved could provide an answer to the question “what is our national interest?” China spied on US business, industry, and academia with impunity. American businesses readily gave trade secrets to Beijing as the price for access to the Chinese market. American tech companies worked hand-in-glove with Chinese security forces to suppress dissent and to slaughter ethnic minorities. Over and over, Americans and American interests were betrayed by our political, corporate and cultural [thanks to edintexas and refr in the Comments for this addition–I do read the comments] elites. Over and over, we were assured that none of this could change.

Under President Trump, we began to see what kind of pack of lies had been fed to us.


We also saw the establishments of both parties join forces to stymie President Trump’s efforts to carry out his agenda. Whether or not President Trump wins this election, he will have been the object of three separate soft-coup attempts on the part of the Deep State.

Any concession of defeat by President Trump will be a betrayal of his 2016 election, of the people who supported and sustained him during his term in office, and of the nation.

Conceding the election to Biden, at any point, will signal to the Democrats that cheating will be rewarded by legitimacy. It will signal that this comity between members of our political class is more important than issues or integrity. Worse than that, it will tell Republican voters that their votes don’t count and there is no one willing to fight for ballot integrity.

By continuing the fight, President Trump will keep the issue of vote fraud before the American people. If he continues to make this a very public battle over the next two years, especially through the use of rallies, he can stoke enough anger and righteous resentment to limit the ability of our latent quislings in the Senate to become overt collaborators with the Democrats, to make life tough for vulnerable House Democrats in following Pelosi’s lead and flip the House to the GOP in 2022. This public presence will keep the movement that he represented together and either Trump or his designated successor, not some establishment drone, will be the odds-on favorite to defeat President Harris (do you really think Dementia Joe is going to be around in four years?) in 2024. Who knows, maybe somewhere in the process, we’ll develop a voting system that can’t be manipulated by Democrat machines. There is no downside to refusing to concede. Are the Democrats, the media, and cretins like the Lincoln Project going to suddenly like him and praise him? Will millions of disenfranchised Trump supporters regain their faith in the institutions that were behind this epic act of political larceny?


On the flip side, if he concedes he will be remembered as a flash-in-the-pan and may have two “lasts” associated with him. The last Republican president and the last free and fair election in American history.


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