Is New York Using Anti-Semitism to Expand Its Assault on the First Amendment?

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

If you didn’t know better, we could be living in a science fiction or alternative fiction novel. Perhaps something like Man In the High Castle (confession: I haven’t watched this series, I sat through about 1.5 episodes and my ears started to bleed from boredom). Imagine a world where the government is overtly hostile to all but the most secular of Jews; a world where instead of being held to account for causing their homeland to lose a world war, the Dolchstoß or stab-in-the-back, they are blamed for spreading a virus; a world where the police are sent to break up gatherings in Jewish homes; a world where street gangs are mobilized to intimidate the Jewish community.

Well, we have it.

The governor of New York threatening the Orthodox community.

The mayor of New York threatening the Orthodox community.

NYPD used to break up an Orthodox funeral…a funeral.

NYPD uses a “parking complaint” as an excuse to enter an Orthodox Jewish home.

And the favorite street toughs of progressive politicians everywhere, the “BLM” activists, feel empowered to harass and intimidate Orthodox Jews at their place of worship.

It beggars the imagination to think that all of these things could be happening in the same area at the same time for the same reason and not be connected.

As I’ve posted several times, Wuhan lung AIDS does present us with a crisis but is it not a public health crisis. It is a political crisis. This virus has allowed would-be totalitarians everywhere to find a “public health” exception to the First Amendment. Using the virus as a shield and a clown nose, religious services have been rendered inferior in constitutional protection to gambling, shopping, and rioting. The state has made itself a god in an attempt to replace the real one.

Jews are being targeted in New York for a couple of reasons. Cuomo and de Blasio are attempting to take a page out of Alinski and personalize the Orthodox community as the people to blame for the virus’s spread. Never mind that it was a directive by Governor Andrew Cuomo that calculatedly killed thousands of elderly and infirm New Yorkers by requiring nursing homes to accept residents with active Wuhan infections. This provides them with a scapegoat that has repeatedly been used by allies of the Democrat machine as a target (Al Sharpton, you could explain how this works) and effectively “otherizes” an identifiable, but not a protected and lionized, minority. The Orthodox are a threat to the erosion of human rights by imperial decree because by their courage and by standing up for their faith, they shame other religious groups. The crackdown on the Orthodox is a shot across the bow of orthodox Catholics and Protestants. It is saying to them, if you don’t want your weddings and funerals broken up by police, if you don’t want your home entered under the flimsiest of pretexts, if you don’t want the BLM goons aimed at your places of worship, then you need to wear your face diaper and do what you’ve been told to do.