Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers Begging Trump To Not Visit Kenosha Is the Best Indication of How Scared the Democrats Are of Being Held Accountable

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A little earlier today, President Trump announced that he would visit Kenosha, WI; a city ravaged by Antifa rioters. This is from by colleague, Nick Arama’s Trump Is Going to Kenosha, Liberals Are Having a Meltdown:


There’s a reason that President Donald Trump is president and Hillary Clinton isn’t. Because he doesn’t run what he does through a PR adviser to determine whether his actions are popular or not, he actually has core policies and principles that he takes whether or not they are popular.

One of those is his decision to go to Kenosha. A White House spokesperson told reporters Saturday that Trump intends to visit Kenosha on Tuesday and will “meet with law enforcement and survey damage from recent riots.” It’s not clear yet if he will meet with the family of Jacob Blake.

That post contains graphic evidence of the destruction these street thugs inflicted on an undeserving city for a totally fraudulent reason (READ Jacob Blake’s Family Attorney Says President Trump Hasn’t Called Them; We Should Hope He Never Does and  New: Criminal Complaint Against Jacob Blake Released, The Original Story His Lawyer Told Was a Lie).

Trump’s decision to visit comes shortly after Joe Biden cancelled an announced visit (READ Joe Biden Chickens Out, Decides Not to Go to Kenosha):

Late last week it was reported that Joe Biden was going to leave his dungeon and travel to Wisconsin. This was supposed to be a moment of leadership in which he showed up to calm the seas of rioting that have been roiling following the likely justified shooting of Jacob Blake. It was also going serve as a kind of mental proof of life, indicating that Biden can actually get out on the campaign trail if needed.

Well, so much for that. Biden has decided to retreat and will instead make the much shorter trip over to Pennsylvania to deliver his remarks.


Now Wisconsin’s failed Democrat governor, Tony Evers, the man who coddled Antifa and let the rioting in Kenosha begin to resemble that in Portland:

While the Democrats are claiming that Trump’s visit will hurt him

Their actions speak much louder. Biden is not visiting because he know the Democrats have become the party of rioting and street violence and any visit will associate him with their frolics. They know that we know that the entire premise of the riot, that would be police brutality in the shooting of Jacob Blake, is a fraud. They know that we know that Blake was shot because he had a felony warrant outstanding, he’d invaded a home, sexually assaulted a woman, fought with police and was poised to take her car. They know that we know that President Trump will find it damned hard to resist some mention of these facts. In short, a presidential visit to Kenosha is going to highlight the close ties between Democrats and Antifa, ties that coddled these thugs when they commit violent felonies because the Democrats perceived their violence to be a political plus.


If they really thought Trump’s visit would hurt Trump, they would have invited him to visit, not discouraged him.


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