Tucker Carlson's Fans Give the New York Times Doxing Team a Dose of Their Own Medicine

On his Monday night show, Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson revealed that the New York Times had assigned a “news” team, and I use the term “news” sarcastically because a) it involves the New York Times which is incapable of reporting actual news these days and b) the mission they were engaged on, to essentially “dox” him. That is, they intended to do a story in which they revealed Carlson’s home address.


From Carlson’s monolog as quoted in Daily Wire:

So why is The New York Times doing a story on the location of my family’s house? Well, you know why. To hurt us, to injure my wife and kids so that I will shut up and stop disagree with them. They believe in force. We’ve learn that. Two years ago, a left-wing journalism was publicized our home address in Washington.

This is not just a casual activity. In November 2018, a mob whipped up by the news media (see The Washington Post Labels Tucker Carlson a ‘Neo-Nazi Favorite’ and The Washington Post Is Proving that It’s Run by the Emotional Equivalent of Children for examples of Carlson being demonized) tried to invade Carlson’s home while he was away but his wife and children were present because this is how pathetic creatures act when left to their own devices (see Antifa Surround and Attempt to Break Into Tucker Carlson’s House and Civility for Me, but Not for Thee: People on the Left Are Celebrating Antifa’s Attack Against Tucker Carlson).

Back to Carlson’s monolog

A group of screaming antifa lunatics showed up while I was at work. They vandalized our home. They threatened my wife. She called 911 while hiding in a closet. A few weeks later they showed up again at our house. For the next year, they sent letters to our home threatening to kill us. We tried to ignore it and felt cowardly to sell our home and leave. We raised our kids there the neighborhood and we loved it. But in the end that’s what we did. We have four children. It just wasn’t worth it.

But The New York Times followed us. The paper has assigned a political activist called Murray Carpenter to write a story about where we are now. They’ve hired a photographer called Tristan Spinski to take pictures. Their story about where we live is slated to run the paper this week. Editors there know exactly what will happen to my family when it does run. I called them today and I told them. But they didn’t care. They hate my politics. They want they show off the air. If one of my children gets hurt because of a story they wrote, they won’t considered it collateral damage, they know it’s the whole point of the exercise: To inflict pain on our family, to terrorize us, to control we say. That’s the kind of people they are.


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It is unfortunate that we’ve reached a state of affairs where major media try to silence and harass people who have political views in opposition to those being pushed by the media…and don’t even start to try to push that bullsh** about the editorial pages having a ‘firewall’ separating it from the newsroom, in fact, as we’ve seen from the New York Times kerfuffle surrounding Bari Weiss leaving, the editorial page is now the least partisan part of the paper…by putting them and their families at risk. Who can forget when CNN and the loathsome Andrew Kaczynski (no know blood relationship to the mad bomber but the same ethics) threatened to dox a meme-maker unless he ceased operations? There is no news value in publicizing Carlson’s home address other than to try to intimidate him and to put his family at risk of injury or death at the hands of an Antifa mob. But that is where we are.

Happily, this episode did not turn out the way The New York Times had scripted it. Not only did The New York Times back off, they got a taste of their own medicine.


Within hours, an army of conservative Twitter accounts started publicly posting the address and personal information of the reporter Carlson identified as the story’s writer. Many encouraged people to harass the reporter.

He identified the reporter behind the story as Murray Carpenter, airing his photo and calling the freelance writer a “political activist.” Carpenter’s website states that he focuses on science and environmental stories, and has written for the Times, The Post and National Geographic, among other outlets.

Carlson also mentioned photographer Tristan Spinski and the Times’s media editor Jim Windolf by name.

“How would Murray Carpenter and his photographer, Tristan Spinski, feel if we told you where they live, if we put pictures of their homes on the air?” Carlson asked. “What if we published the home address of every one of the soulless, robot editors at the New York Times, who assigned and managed this incitement of violence against my family?”

He added: “We could do that. We know who they are.”


The latter part had echoes Henry II’s “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest.” And it worked.

Meanwhile, Carlson’s supporters quickly got to work. Several accounts shared addresses, phone numbers and other contact information for the reporter. One account tweeted, “Give him a taste of his own meds.”

“Maybe Tucker can’t do anything about it but somebody else can,” another user wrote.

Just let me add a personal note here. I’ve taken some grief from “people” on the left and “right” because I choose to write under a pseudonym. “Anonymous coward” is the typical douchebaggery directed at me. I fully support anonymity and pseudonyms not because I’m ashamed of my positions or writings but because families are now used as pressure points to silence political opposition. I don’t have Carlson’s 3.6 million Twitter followers or the nearly 5 million viewers of his show to come to my defense. I certainly don’t have the resources to move houses or hire security in reaction to the latest threat. So, as a rule, I oppose doxing and the kind of juvenile bullsh** The New York Times tried to pull. I also oppose people with large social media followings siccing online mobs on people. Because as we’ve seen from the SPLC inspired shooting at the Family Research Council and the shooting of Steve Scalise and others by a Bernie bro, the political left is mostly composed of emotionally broken and mentally unstable people who will literally try to kill you because of your politics.


That said, if this nonsense is going to end it is only going to end by our side upping the ante. We have to make it painful for The New York Times and douchenozzles like Andrew Kaczynski to operate.

Tucker Carlson was able to stop this garbage because he has the power to do it, most of us don’t. And as long as we’re play by Marquis of Queensbury rules in streetlight we are not going to be able to make this crap stop.


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