Oregon Black Lives Matter Goons Manipulate Video to Try to Get an Oregon State Trooper Fired

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Demonstrators hold signs and shout in Portland, Ore., during a protest over the death of George Floyd, who died May 25 after being restrained by police in Minneapolis. (AP Photo/Craig Mitchelldyer)

Oregon seems to be the anal orifice of crazy these days. When youΒ  have gutless and complicit politicians running the state who suck up to and embolden Black Lives Matter, antifa, and black bloc, to the extent that any sane person still believes there is an actual difference between the people composing those three circles on the Venn Diagram of nutbaggery, you have to expect stupid and violent crap like CHAZ to happen.

Where the issue become extremely parlous is when you have law enforcement officers trying to keep the peace and they know that the real thugs are politically aligned with the state’s political leadership and that leadership will throw them under the bus. All you need are a few amoral, unethical, and vicious people, something BLM apparently has by the truck load, and a cop can find his job in jeopardy.

Such was the scene yesterday in Salem, Oregon. First you have the sheer imbecility of Salem’s government, if it can be dignified with the name, cancelling July 4th celebrations…the evil Chinese Lung AIDS virus, donchaknow…but allowing BLM to hold a protest.


Black Lives Matter street goons were confronted by a small number of counter-demonstrators. As an aside, you’ll note that the BLM protesters are distinctly melanin-challenged getting back to the point I made in my post yesterday about the street goons for BLM being white kids from somewhat privileged backgrounds who simply lack the intelligence, social skills or personal hygiene to function as adults (READΒ We’re Experiencing an Attempted Revolution by Entitled, Privileged Snobs but How Will It Play Out?.)

An altercation took place and a counterprotester wearing a Black Bikes Matter t-shirt was shoved to the ground. A police officer helped him up, inquired if he was okay, and the counterprotester slapped the highway patrolman on the shoulder and said that he was. The police arrested the twatwaffle who started the altercation as his fellow whatevers yelled invective at the police. The incident was videoed and the BLM people edited the video to try to portray the cop as a white supremacist.

Here you see the edited video being shared on Twitter with calls for the cop to be fired for literally inquiring to see if a man was injured:


They wanted to have the cop fired over some internet hoax handsign that was dreamed up on 4chan.

The Oregon State Police used video from body cameras to piece together what actually happened.

And they’ve issued a statement clearing the officer:

On Sunday, the Oregon State Police denied the hand signal was a racist signal after a review of bodycam footage.

β€œBest available evidence indicates the trooper was simply checking on the man’s status and used the universal signal to signify this inquiry, which the man gestured he was- then patted this trooper and a second trooper on their shoulders in an apparent signal of appreciation. The man was the victim of a crime,” Oregon State Police said in a statement.


When this whole BLM program of demonstrations started I was somewhat sympathetic. We’d seen just how stupidly rigid some police officers could be when they began arresting parents for playing outside with their kids and making folks sit in the sand rather than using beach chairs and taking down the license plates of cars at Easter worship services. It didn’t take much imagination to see what it would be like living in a heavily policed community were you had to deal with that crap day-in-and-day-out. The antics of these BLM street thugs has completely changed my mind. I’ve become a reflexive supporter of the police and if arresting me for not wearing a mask is the price I have to pay to see one of these people get their scalp split during a vigorous ‘wood shampoo,’ then put the handcuffs on me, Scooter.


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