Heads Explode Before President Trump's Mt. Rushmore Rally Which is Guaranteed to Make More Heads Explode

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In just a few hours President Trump will headline what promises to be a huge rally at Mount Rushmore, SD. It promises to be a blockbuster.


The rally is in South Dakota not only because of the patriotic imagery (that is unless you are pathetic pus-filled nodule in the New York Times newsroom obsessing about two of the presidents featured there ownning slaves and the alleged personal politics of the sculptor, read Nick Arama’s NY Times Rips Off the Mask on How Anti-American They Are on Mount Rushmore, and They Get Crushed for details) and because there is no fascistic ‘social distancing’ and face diaper requirement in South Dakota. Governor Kristi Noem is 100% behind the rally and it is being held on federal land which reduces the ability of the NeverTrumpers and Karens to sabotage the rally as seems to have been done in Tulsa.

The two main lines of outrage and attack on the rally are both exhibited in this Washington Post article headlined Trump to hold Fourth of July gathering at Mount Rushmore as coronavirus surges.

President Trump is heading to Mount Rushmore National Memorial in South Dakota on Friday for a massive Independence Day celebration replete with fireworks and a presidential address, in which he plans to lament “the left wing mob” and so-called “cancel culture.”

South Dakota Gov. Kristi L. Noem (R) confirmed this week that social distancing won’t be enforced and that the approximately 7,500 expected attendees will not be required to wear masks. The United States on Thursday recorded the largest single-day total of new coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic, and on Friday a number of states set new case records.


This is just fear mongering on the part of a media that cares not one whit about public health but cares very, very much about two or three other things like a) destroying the economy to try to defeat Trump in November, b) decreasing the personal freedom of Americans and c) retaining its tenuous hold on its status as a gatekeeper of information for Americans. Numbers of cases, like numbers of tests (odd how those two items rise in tandem, no?), is a useless metric. The real focal point is hospital bed capacity and non-nursing home deaths. The former is not stressed and the latter continues to drop. Trump holding a rally and refusing to obey the silly rules we’ve been lied to about simply reveals the media as the credulous catchfarts for NeverTrump and the Democrats, though there is no longer any functional difference between the two, that they are when dealing with any aspect of the Trump presidency.

The second line of attack is that Trump and his supporters are just so damned insensitive:

While the governor and the president are billing the event as a celebration, some see it as an insult. Trump is expected to be met by protests organized by Native American leaders, who have criticized the president’s use of the memorial, which they say was built on sacred tribal land, as well as the risk the event poses to the environment and to public health.

“The whole Black Hills is sacred. For them to come and carve the presidents, slave owners who have no meaning to us, it was an insult,” Ricky Gray Grass, a member of the Oglala Sioux’s executive council, told The Washington Post earlier this week.


F*** him and the horse he rode in on. The United States has owned the Black Hills for longer than the Sioux. The Sioux, originally from much further east, didn’t reach the Black Hills until about 1776 when they drove the Cheyenne out of the area. The United States took possession of the Black Hills, also by force of arms, in 1877. This means the Sioux owned the land for barely a century and the United States has been the owner for nearly a century and a half. The fact is that most of the earth’s surface has been owned by someone other than the current owner at some point. Grow the f*** up. If you don’t have the military power to defend what you claim as yours, you lose the right to snivel about losing it.

And another thing, this ‘sacred land’ nonsense. This is a smoke screen that is thrown up by American Indian activist with such monotonous regularity it is farcical. The Dakota Access Pipeline was suddenly found to be on sacred land. We’re discovering that parts of federal land in Arizona that lie in the route of the border wall have suddenly been discovered to be sacred. Personally, I don’t really go for observing pagan religious rituals–don’t take this personally, I feel the same way about climate change– so I don’t care but you be you. If you don’t own the land, I care a helluva lot less. And when you are transparently claiming that your ‘oral tradition’ says that a certain clump of grass or dung heap is sacred in order to affect a political end, I do not care at all and I can’t even be made to be interested.


These are the objections summed up as only CNN can:

That was the prelude. What they will be talking about tomorrow promises to be epic.

Here is the ABC summary, complete with scare quotes

President Trump tried to break out of the cascade of bad news in Tulsa, it didn’t work. This is his best second chance to break out and focus America away from the leftist narrative of economic depression, pandemic doom, and a nation built on oppression. He’d better give this all he’s got.


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