Robert Mueller's 'Pit Bull' Deputy Headlines Joe Biden Fundraiser Showing Just How Non-Partisan the Investigation Was

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Former special counsel Robert Mueller listens to committee members give their opening remarks before he testifies before the House Intelligence Committee hearing on his report on Russian election interference, on Capitol Hill, in Washington, Wednesday, July 24, 2019. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

One of the stunning features, among a growing number of stunning features, of the Mueller Russia Hoax investigation, was the number of Democrat donors chosen to fill senior positions in prosecution team. Though President Trump caught a lot of heat for pointing out the fact that Mueller couldn’t be bothered to hire people who’d been sufficiently reticent about their politics to decline to make campaign donations, he was right:


The most inexplicable choice, were we to assume that Mueller and Rosenstein’s goal was a quick, fair, and credible investigation into whether President Trump or anyone on his campaign staff coordinated or ‘colluded’ with the Russian government, was selecting Andrew Weissmann as the deputy.


Weissmann is a deeply amoral man who has demonstrated that he has zero interest in justice and is totally  devoted to racking up a body count. You can almost see this evil dwarf cackling as he gains vicarious victories over the middle school bullies to took his lunch money to by cigarettes by destroying the lives of innocent people. Lest you think I exaggerate, you need to look at the way he hounded the mega-accounting firm of Arthur Andersen out of business only to have a unanimous Supreme Court laugh at his entire theory of prosecution. This is from a 2017 Sidney Powell op-ed

Mueller tapped a different sort of prosecutor to lead his investigation — his long-time friend and former counsel, Andrew Weissmann. He is not just a “tough” prosecutor. Time after time, courts have reversed Weissmann’s most touted “victories” for his tactics. This is hardly the stuff of a hero in the law.

Weissmann, as deputy and later director of the Enron Task Force, destroyed the venerable accounting firm of Arthur Andersen LLP and its 85,000 jobs worldwide — only to be reversed several years later by a unanimous Supreme Court. …

Weissmann quietly resigned from the Enron Task Force just as the judge in the Enron Broadband prosecution began excoriating Weissmann’s team and the press began catching on to Weissmann’s modus operandi.


When you combine this baked-in contempt of justice and the rule of law with raw partisanship–Weissmann was at Hillary Clinton’s “victory” party on Election Night 2016 and he sent a smarmy email to Sally Yates praising her for failing in her constitutional duty to defend President Trump’s executive order limiting travel from failed states and a designated state sponsor of terrorism to the United States–and a personal dislike for Paul Manafort, you get pretty much what happened.

Innocent people were persecuted and bullied into guilty pleas, often after bankrupting them. When the cases did got to trial, they were a barking shambles of incompetence. In the centerpiece prosecution of “Putin’s Chef,” Weissmann managed to indict a company that did not even exist during the time the misconduct was alleged to have taken place.

If you thought the stupidity and partisanship of the Mueller investigation could not be exceeded, you were wrong. Weissmann is headlining a Joe Biden fundraiser.


The optics of this are stunning. The lack of introspection is epic. But if you ever had a doubt that the objections to Mueller’s team was mere partisan politics, this makes it glaringly obvious that the team assembled by Mueller was anything but fair and unbiased. You had Democrat donors led by a Hillary Clinton partisan who had a track record of winning at all costs. Everything that came from that investigation was predictable from Day One.


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