The Guy Who Started the Wuhan Virus Panic Complains That There Is No Exit Strategy and He's Absolutely Correct

Near empty flight due to Wuhan virus.

You’ve all heard the story of the guy who murdered his parents and then asked for leniency because he was an orphan? Well, now we have the academic equivalent of that. The Financial Times did a lengthy interview with Neil Ferguson — he’s the guy who authored the infamous Imperial College study that predicted over 2 million deaths from Wuhan virus in the US and started the stampede towards creating a paleolithic society in place of what had existed. Ferguson, in my opinion, is the chief and most irresponsible scaremonger behind this manufactured crisis and deserves a thorough proctological examination by law enforcement in the near future; read this thread


In the interview, Ferguson is asked about how this all ends:

Although Ferguson focused on the need to ramp up of testing and to bring in widespread contact-tracing, he said it was not obvious that even this would prevent a second wave:

Obviously what we would like to find is a strategy which allows us to go back to — it won’t be normal life but a bit closer to normal life, and suppresses transmission. That almost will certainly involve something akin to Korea, massively ramping up testing, and contact-tracing. But it’s not clear even in Korea — and I’ve seen some of the analysis done there — that they can really relax all their social distancing and yet keep transmission low.

So there is no master plan in the background being followed here. There is a lot of research being done in real time, which is feeding into policy, to try and work out: is there in some sense an optimal strategy which keeps the NHS functioning, allows more economic and social activity to continue than is going on at the moment and gets us through the next, frankly, 18 months? I don’t know quite what that will look like or even if it’s completely feasible.

We don’t have a clear exit strategy at the moment. 


That’s right. If we’re to trust what one of the government’s top scientific advisers is telling us, there is at this point no master plan in place. Reassuring stuff, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Because of the strategy public health officials have foisted upon our national leadership, there is no real exit strategy. The social distancing nonsense has created a situation that guarantees a second and third and fourth and a fifth, etc. wave of infections as there is no vaccine and we are not developing the herd immunity necessary to reduce this virus to its rightful place as background noise. Political authorities are going to be reluctant to reduce restrictions because when they do, new outbreaks will happen. When that happens you know that the same people who are saying we should be shut down for months on end are going to reappear on the Sunday shows saying “I told you so.” Unless someone shows some political courage and calls this nonsense out as the obvious fraud that it is, we are stuck right where we are. Forever.

One can’t help but imagine this Ferguson did his paper as a way of getting attention, never thinking it would be taken literally, and now he’s a bit stunned to find that he’s set off a global economic collapse and he’s trying to blame the people who took his advice for the outcome.



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