Mollie Hemingway Turns Fox Studio Into HAZMAT Area as She Names the Whistleblower

For over a month now it has been an open secret in Washington that the so-called whistleblower whose complaint kicked off the impeachment farce led by Adam Schiff is a CIA employee named Eric Ciaramella. Ciaramella has ties to the Democrat party, to Joe Biden, to John Brennan, to Democrat operative Alexandra Chalupa, and was booted from the National Security Council for leaking information designed to damage the Trump administration. Ciaramella’s allies are gaslighting us by falsely claiming that Ciaramella is owed “anonymity” for his perfidy. This is simply a lie in all aspects. The only person, according to law or regulation who can’t release Ciaramella’s name is the Intelligence Community IG. Whistleblower status merely gives him immunity from retribution based on this action, it does not cover public shaming or disciplinary actions not related to the complaint. For instance, we know that Ciaramella was not cleared to see the transcript of the Trump call to Ukraine President Zelensky. By accessing that information and then bundling it into a complaint he broke the law. That is actionable. In fact, hammering whistleblowers on unrelated actions was raised to an art form in the Obama administration.


Big Tech, ever willing to go along with the marching orders received from the Democrat party, is closing ranks to protect Ciaramella from the just deserts of his actions:

But, the log jam is about to break and The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway may just have been the proximate cause of that happening. She was on Howard Kurtz’s Fox News show, Media Buzz, along with Hillary Clinton catchfart Phillipe Reines and someone I can’t identify (sorry, not sorry). During a live media hit, she just drops the name in. Reines and Kurtz both suffer bowel evacuation that required shop vacs to clean up.


What makes this hilarious is that both Fox News, which seems to have lost its cojones in a vain hope of gaining the approval of CNN, has forbidden any mention of Ciaramella’s name and Kurtz, himself, has called naming Ciaramella a “chilling message to future whistleblowers.”

This is what needs to happen. Conservatives, everywhere, need to make “Ciaramella is the whistleblower” as ubiquitous as “Epstein didn’t kill himself.” Ciaramella is an issue here because he has collaborated with the IC IG and with Adam Schiff to create an issue where none existed and has helped parlay the non-issue into an impeachment show trial. The best you can say for Ciaramella is that he is attempting to criminalize the foreign policy decisions of the President and impose his personal foreign policy preferences upon the nation. This is just disloyal dumbf***ery. The more logical explanation is that Ciaramella is carrying on with the soft coup started by his mentor, former CIA John Brennan. That is sedition. And it isn’t covered by whistleblower protection.


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