SHOCKER. Adam Schiff Says the Impeachment He's Been Working For May Be Necessary

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FILE- In this Feb. 5, 2018, file photo, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., ranking member of the House Committee on Intelligence, pauses while speaking during a media availability after a closed-door meeting of the House Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington. Two weeks after President Donald Trump blocked its full release, the House Intelligence Committee published on Saturday, Feb. 24, a partially blacked-out version of a classified Democratic memo aiming to counter a GOP narrative that the FBI and Justice Department conspired against Trump as they investigated his ties to Russia. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon, File)


Pencil neck congressman Adam Schiff was on Jake Tapper’s State of the Union show today and it was more with sadness than anger that he announced that the impeachment that he’s been trying to orchestrate for nearly a year might actually be necessary now.

“I have been very reluctant to go down the path of impeachment. . . . This would be an extraordinary remedy of last resort, not first resort,” Schiff said. “But if the President is essentially withholding military aid at the same time that he is trying to browbeat a foreign leader into doing something illicit that is providing dirt on his opponent during a presidential campaign, then that may be the only remedy that is coequal to the evil that that conduct represents.”

He later added: “We very well may have crossed the Rubicon here.”

Schiff’s comments are particularly striking given his previous unwillingness to call for impeachment. He came to Congress about 20 years ago in part because his predecessor, former Republican congressman James E. Rogan, voted to impeach President Bill Clinton. Schiff defeated him.

Schiff is also a close ally of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who has been an impeachment skeptic and put the House on a path of turning to the courts to enforce subpoenas that the administration has ignored.

Yet, on Sunday, Schiff appeared to suggest Pelosi’s impulse to look to the courts would not do in this instance. The inspector general of the intelligence community has deemed the whistleblower allegation to be “urgent,” which, under law, should have triggered the administration to turn it over to Congress.

The administration refused.

“We cannot afford to play rope-a-dope in the court for weeks or months on end,” he said. “We need an answer. If there’s a fire burning, it needs to be put out. And that’s why we’re going to have to look at every remedy. . . . We’re going to have to consider impeachment, as well, as remedy here.”


One of the clown acts being perpetrated by the Washington Post and the Schiff fluffers in the media is the idea that Schiff is being dragged ever so reluctantly towards impeachment. This is how the Post describes it.

Here’s Schiff on Sunday on CNN when asked where he stands now: “Certainly, the administration and the president seem to be doing everything they can, everything they can to push us into an impeachment. And we may get there. We may get there.”

Both times, Schiff stressed he’s not willing to support impeachment. But earlier this month, impeachment seemed distant to Schiff, who emphasized that Democrats have more important things to worry about, such as showing they can govern. It was an answer that seemed designed to shut down impeachment talks without closing the door entirely to them — a tightrope Pelosi is also balancing on.

This is from LawfareBlog where the usually just write what James Comey tells them to and get drunk on Qatar’s cash:

Hennessey got dragged a bit here and started screeching


Everyone knows what the game is. Adam Schiff took over his committee determined to engineer the impeachment of President Trump. You really have to be a special kind of stupid not to realize that. Schiff is from California and there impeachment is a non-issue. My guess is that he’s got his sights set on a senate seat and Nancy Pelosi can go hang herself for all he cares. The Democrats who entered Congress from Red and Purple districts have to contend with the fact that most of the country do not want impeachment and, unlike Schiff, Pelosi doesn’t want to put freshmen congressmen in a difficult position in a presidential election year.

Trump is clearly goading Schiff, partially from enjoyment and partially to cause discord in House Democrat leadership. From what we know about the Ukraine nonsense it is doubtful that Trump did anything wrong and it is very doubtful that either Fat Jerry Nadler or Nancy Pelosi are going to pull the trigger on a full-blown impeachment hearing when the malfeasance and corruption of the leading Democrat presidential candidate will become part of the issue.

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