President Trump Vows to Declassify and Make Public All Mueller Report Documents

Ever since the Mueller report summary was released by Attorney General William Barr, the House Democrats have been demanding to see all the documents involved in the report. Never mind that the “Gang of Eight” can see the documents, less grand jury testimony, if they wish. It has become clear that the release of the background material is actually a smoke screen. The easy proof of this is remembering the way the Democrats (and Vichy Republicans) howled when Devin Nunes pressed to declassify many documents associated with the Mueller investigation. At that time we were told that Nunes’s request, and the modest acquiescence to that request by the White House, was tantamount for treason. What the Democrats want is an issue (see Fat Jerry Nadler’s Committee Issues Subpoena For The Mueller Report). They know the secret documents will not help their case…and the more we learn the more there is reason to doubt that they will make Mueller’s report look like anything more than a hit job…but as long as they can demand that the documents be made public, they and their media fluffers can continue to spin the collusion hoax to a credulous Democrat base.

Time may be running out on that strategy.

Yesterday, President Trump gave an interview to his go-to guy, Sean Hannity, and, if he makes good on what he said, it will be a very unpleasant gamechanger for the Democrats and for Mueller.

HANNITY: One last question. Will you declassify the FISA application, the Gang of Eight material, those 302s, what we call on his program “the bucket of five?”

TRUMP: Yes. Everything is going to be declassified. And more, much more, than what you just mentioned. It will all be declassified and I’m glad I waited. Because I thought maybe they would obstruct if I did it early. And I think I was right. So, I’m glad I waited and now the Attorney General can take a look at, a very strong look at, whatever it is, but it will be declassified and more than what you just mentioned.

The best thing for the nation is a complete release of this material. Including grand jury testimony. There is no equity in the intelligence community that is related to the Mueller investigation that is worth protecting at the cost of political paralysis. If the grand jury testimony can’t be released, then someone needs to “leave in on the seat of a taxi” and ensure the right person recovers it and puts it online and available to the public. It is a safe bet that there is nothing in the report that is going to show Trump is as bad a light as it will show the people who connived to try to drive an elected president from office based on fraud.

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