President Trump's Smackdown of a Mouthy CNN Reporter Gives a Clue to the Stakes With Kavanaugh

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As I noted a little earlier today, as the Christine Ford allegations take on more and more the odor of unadulterated bullsh**, the left’s attack on Brett Kavanaugh has changed to underage drinking (I can’t even believe I’m writing this considering the same people howling for Kavanaugh’s blood are in favor of killing babies and underage butt-sex and men in the little girls’ room) and his alleged failure to be candid about it in his hearing (this is disproven by any transcript of the hearing).


With that as the setup, President Trump took a question on the subject today:

Kaitlan Collins: So if he did lie about his drinking, does that mean you’ll pull his…

President Trump: I don’t think he did. I don’t think he did. Look. I’m just saying, I’m not a drinker. I can honestly say I never had a beer in my life. Okay?

Kaitlan Collins: Right…

President Trump: It’s one of my only good traits. I don’t drink. Whenever they’re looking for something, I say, “I’ve never had a glass of alcohol.” Never had alcohol. For whatever reason. Can you imagine if I had what a mess I’d be? I’d be the world’s worst.

Kaitlan Collins: Well…

President Trump: But I never drank, I never drank, okay? But I watched that hearing and I watched a man saying that he did have difficulty, as a young man, with drink. The one question I [the use of the word “I” here seems to be a slip of the tongue as background investigations would have covered drinking habits as an adult] didn’t ask was, “How about the last twenty years? Have you had difficulty?” Because no one said anything bad about him in many years, they go all the way back to high school. I graduated from high school, and, while I did not drink, I saw a lot of people drinking. They’d drink beer and they’d go crazy, you know. In high school. They were sixteen and seventeen years old and I saw a lot of it. Does that mean they can’t do something the want to do with their lives? So, it’s a very tough thing. I really believe that he was very strong on the fact that he drank a lot and so I don’t where there’d be a big discrpancy.

Kaitlan Collins: Okay…

President Trump: Yes, you, go ahead please.

Kaitlan Collins: Just to wrap up, can you promise you’ll release the FBI’s report?

President Trump: You’ve had enough. Go ahead, please.


From this, it is pretty clear that Trump isn’t going to buy the “he lied about drinking” line that is being pushed and is shutting any perceived outs for weak sisters, like Jeff Flake. He’s sort of acting like Cortez–Hernan not Alexandria Ocasio–in burning his ships before forcing his reluctant army on toward Mexico City.

This exchange shows that Trump is pretty well dug in on Kavanaugh and Flake, Collins and Murkowski are not going to be given an out here. They either support the nominee or they don’t. Jonathan Swan at Axios wrote about that yesterday:

For the White House, it’s Brett Kavanaugh or bust. They have no Plan B and there’s not even discussion of one, according to five sources with direct knowledge of the sensitive internal White House talks.

What they’re saying: “He’s too big to fail now,” said a senior source involved in the confirmation process. “Our base, our voters, our side, people are so mad,” the source continued. “There’s nowhere to go. We’re gonna make them f—ing vote. [Joe] Manchin in West Virginia, in those red states. Joe Donnelly? He said he’s a no? Fine, we’ll see how that goes. There will be a vote on him [Kavanaugh]. … It will be a slugfest of a week.”


The sad thing is that exactly the same leverage existed Friday. I understand the desire to peel off a couple of Red State Democrats so Kavanaugh is not a pure party-line vote, but the cost of this delay is very high in relation to the benefit. McConnell could have given the Weak Three an ultimatum and tomorrow we’d have Justice Kavanaugh. And without Trump as president, odds are that Kavanaugh would have been tossed to the curb by now.

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