BREAKING. Russian Electronic Warfare Aircraft Is Shotdown Over the Eastern Mediterranean...By Syria

Russian Air Force Ilyushin II-20 by Kirill Naumenko, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0/Original


This is the reason why you don’t want multiple parties, some of whom are barely out of the Stone Age, gouging around in the same military theater. This is also the kind of event that can turn ugly very, very fast.

The stories right now are developing.

A key data point is that two days ago, Israel carried out airstrikes on the airport in Damascus, Syria, to destroy a shipment of weapons imported from Iran.

A few hours ago, Russian media reported that contact had been lost with an IL-20M Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) aircraft over the Eastern Mediterranean or possibly western Syria. The aircraft carried 14 Russian servicemen.

The Russians seem to want to blame Israel but are afraid to:

They also want to blame France:

BTW, at this writing, no reputable source is reporting French or Israeli airstrikes or missile strikes in Syria.

Assad’s propagandists are sh***ing themselves

Why, you might ask, would Assad’s apologists be searching for a fresh pair of brown trousers while the Russians don’t seem to know whether to crap or go blind?

What next?

Putin either has to point the finger at Assad’s gun-shy goons or he has to blame France and/or Israel. If he does the latter, it is going to be hard for him not to retaliate. After losing some 400 of his mercenaries to US airstrikes and having the Turks shoot down an Su-24 in November 2015, Putin is beginning to resemble a paper tiger.

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