The Diversity Chronicles: Is That a Spoon in Your Undies or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Egyptian women wearing “Niqab” line up outside a polling station to vote in the second round of a referendum on a disputed constitution drafted by Islamist supporters of President Mohammed Morsi in Giza, Egypt, Saturday, Dec. 22, 2012. (AP Photo/Amr Nabil)



Swedish girls in Gothenburg, Sweden, are being encouraged to take proactive measures if they think they are being taken overseas for an arranged marriage or for female genital mutilation. Stuff a spoon in your underwear.

“The spoon will trigger metal detectors when you go through security checks,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. “You will be taken aside and you can then talk to staff in private.”

“It is a last chance to sound the alarm,” Idegard added.

There is no data on the number of girls taken abroad for forced marriage, but Idegard said a national hotline received 139 calls last year about child marriage or forced marriage.

Activists will encourage other cities to follow Gothenburg’s lead and adopt the spoon initiative to protect girls, she added.

The idea comes from British charity Karma Nirvana, which said the tactic had already saved a number of girls in Britain from forced marriage.

The charity said hiding a spoon in their underwear was a safe way for girls to alert the authorities, which was often difficult if they were constantly surrounded by family.

“We are doing this now because the risks of forced marriage and FGM increase during the school holidays, especially the long summer break,” said Idegard.

Forced marriage and FGM are illegal in Sweden, even if carried out abroad, and punishable by prison terms.


This deserves points for creativity, I suppose, but in terms of efficacy, it is like hitting that ugly, suppurating, pustulent cantaloupe-sized tumor on your ass with Bactine and a Band-Aid. The underlying problem is not that Swede accepts refugees, the problem is that Sweden, like the rest of Western Europe and the United States, has lost confidence in its culture and institutions. Because it has lost that confidence, it encourages the preservation of traditions and cultural norms by immigrants that are not only at odds with the host nation culture but often illegal. While this story lends itself to ridicule, at least someone his realizing something is wrong and doing something. The same cannot be said of Britain where rape gangs are allowed to operate because the police are afraid of being culturally insensitive by investigating the allegations.

Sweden is simply a metaphor for what all of Europe will be within a decade. It has allowed the “multi-cultural” bullsh** to survive with the result being that you have large immigrant/refugee communities — Sweden is famous for its Somalis but the country of origin is irrelevant — who aren’t trying to assimilate. They are trying to preserve their institutions and culture in a parasitic relationship with the host country. And we know how the host/parasite relationship always ends.


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