Somehow Mossad Stole a Half-Ton of Iran's Nuclear Secrets and Netanyahu Is Showing Them on Television

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just held a live, PowerPoint infused, press conference in which he made a startling revelation. Mossad just happened to “find” over a thousand pounds, literally a half-ton, of Iranian documents, recordable media, and videos that documented the secret nuclear weapons program they were to have dismantled.


The reason this is important is that Iran, under the terms of the JCPOA–the Iran nuclear deal–was supposed to disclose to the IAEA the extent of its nuclear research. Iran’s position has always been that its nuclear program had been totally focused on the peaceful use of nuclear power. And, for the sake of the Iran nuclear deal, Iran was allowed to tell the IAEA to FOAD on a lot of its questions:

The completion of the report is one of the steps that Iran had to take — along with dismantling centrifuges and shipping nuclear fuel out of the country — before sanctions will be lifted under the nuclear deal.

Mr. Obama and his secretary of state, John Kerry, concluded this year that it was more important to secure a deal that will, if carried out fully, prevent Iran from gaining the material to build a bomb for at least 15 years than making it admit to past activities. So, the report’s publication allows the deal to go through, no matter how definitive or inconclusive the final result.

But Iran’s refusal to cooperate on central points could set a dangerous precedent as the United Nations agency tries to convince other countries with nuclear technology that they must fully answer queries to determine if they have a secret weapons program.

The agency’s bottom-line assessment was that Iran had made a “coordinated effort” to design and conduct tests on nuclear weapon components before 2003 — echoing a United States national intelligence estimate published in 2007 — and that it had conducted “some activities” thereafter.

“These activities did not advance beyond feasibility and scientific studies” and the acquisition of technical capabilities, the agency concluded. The efforts ended after 2009, or just as Mr. Obama was taking office and accelerating the sanctions and cybersabotage program against Iran’s nuclear facilities that ultimately brought Iranian officials to the negotiating table.


The documents, from what we’ve seen, indicate that Iran’s nuclear weapons program went beyond feasibility studies and that it continued longer than thought and that it still exists.

This should give President Trump cover if he decides to leave the deal. And it will make his life damned hard if he decides to stay.

In the irony category, this pinhead picked the worst possible day to fact check anyone on the Iran nuclear agreement:

My apologies for the string of tweets but it is the fastest way to cover the press conference.





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