CNN's Brian Stelter Brings His Own Mental Fitness Into Question

Of all the media critics meandering the savannah, probably the slowest and least aware gazelle at the watering hole is CNN’s Brian Stelter. Where media critics usually try to point out how the press could do a better and more responsible job, Stetler is basically the Baghdad Bob of the “This is an Apple” network (a sampling of RedState’s coverage of Stelter). There is literally no misstep or deception by CNN that Stelter can’t be relied upon to defend. But his personal hobby seems to be insisting that President Trump isn’t mentally sound.


Apparently, this criticism has gotten to the chubby little fellow and yesterday he struck back.

What Stelter tries to do is say that because something, literally phrased, doesn’t appear it gives him a pass. So you can say Trump is crazy or Trump is mentally unfit or Trump is insane but so long as he didn’t say “mentally ill” he’s clear.


Stelter is a shill. He’s a dishonest, hyper-partisan hack who pretends to be media critic while acting as a praetorian for his own network’s grotesquely flawed brand of journalism. And he’s so consumed in his personal jihad that he can’t even admit what he’s doing.


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