If This Is Trey Gowdy's Next Stop It Will be a Great Service to the Nation

Up until 2014 or so, the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals was one of the most conservative courts in the nation. But between Obama’s inauguration in 2009 and 2014, he’d appointed six of the fifteen judges at that court. By last summer, ten of the fifteen judges had been appointed by Democrats, the Washington Post was crowing There’s a word that no longer describes the federal appeals court in Richmond (spoiler alert: the word is ‘conservative’) and its rulings started to look a lot like the Ninth Circuit.


Today South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy announced he’s retiring. Like many here, I’m sorry to see that. Even though his district is reliably Republican, Gowdy was one of the few workhorses in an institution beset with show horses. But read his announcement carefully–first sentence, paragraph two.

Then think about these


I can’t see Gowdy heading back to be a federal prosecutor or US Attorney in South Carolina. I really can’t see him going to Justice unless one of the top two positions open. But the Fourth Circuit makes a helluva lot of sense and it would be a great service to the nation to get him on the bench there and start righting that listing ship.


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