Trump Says He Can't Wait to Talk to Robert Mueller

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

Caricature by DonkeyHotey

On his way to Davos, President Trump had a brief press encounter and he made news. ABC’s Jon Karl asked him if he was going to talk to special counsel Robert Mueller:


Trump made the comments during an impromptu gaggle with reporters in the White House West Wing Wednesday. He added that his lawyers would have to work out the details on a sit down with Mueller and that there is no date set. He suggested when asked by a reporter that it could happen “in two or three weeks.”

“I’m looking forward to it actually. Just so you understand. There’s been no collusion whatsoever. There’s no obstruction whatsoever. And I’m looking forward to it,” Trump said, responding to a question from ABC News’ Jonathan Karl.

Will this happen? I rate the odds as doubtful. I can’t imagine Trump’s attorneys allowing him to give testimony under oath. Likewise, I can’t see Mueller taking any steps to compel Trump to talk to him without Rosenstein’s direct buy-in and if it comes to that, Trump would, more likely than not, simply fire them because at that point what does he have to lose?


I suspect that either an agreement will be made for some sort of non-sworn “conversation” with Mueller, or Trump will decide that Mueller hasn’t “been fair” to him and refuse.

But this administration has been full of drama since Day One. Maybe Trump is under the illusion that he can do this and get away with it…I mean Hillary Clinton lied her cellulite infused ass off to the FBI and nothing happened.


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