White House Lawyer: Mueller Is Finished Here

I don’t like posting on stuff that is one tweet deep but this seems important. A little earlier, Donald Trump’s attorney, Ty Cobb (I am not making that up), told NBC News that all of Robert Mueller’s White House interviews are over:


And this from the LA Times:

Investigators working for special counsel Robert S. Mueller III have finished interviewing White House officials, according to Ty Cobb, an attorney on President Trump’s legal team.

“All the White House interviews are over,” Cobb said in an interview on Tuesday, adding that the Trump camp hopes the special counsel’s office brings its probe to “a prompt and appropriate conclusion.”

A spokesman for the special counsel’s office declined to comment. Mueller was appointed earlier this year to examine whether anyone from Trump’s team coordinated with Russia’s interference in last year’s campaign.

This is all we know right now.

There are three distinct ways of interpreting this. First, and the way that it is generally being interpreted, is that Mueller’s team has completed the last interview of White House staff which would signal that Mueller has finished any “obstruction” probe and is probably done with his overall investigation and will start collecting random scalps to try to convince us this was not a farce.


The second is that Cobb is trying to make Mueller take some kind of action via this announcement, to make him tip his hand, or to paint Mueller as operating in bad faith if he asks for more White House interviews.

Third, Cobb is saying that the White House is done cooperating and Mueller is going to have to fight in court for more interviews.

Oh, yes, and there is the possibility that Cobb is just blowing smoke.


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