CNN Wins the "They All Look Alike" Award

From the nation’s most trusted source in news.

Yesterday, Anderson Cooper was anchoring CNN’s coverage of Trump’s rally in Florida. As part of it, a White House official, Raj Shah, is quoted

Then this happened:

Followed by this

Indeed, apparently whoever was in charge of the segment–or one of their flunkies–did a quick Google search.

They snagged a random image among the multitude of guys named Raj Shah (I’m no expert, but there are at least two of them on my office email directory, so I think the name is not extremely rare) and ran with it. The underlying assumption in this is that if you seen one Raj Shah, you’ve seen all Raj Shahs. In fact, CNN showed the same level of fact checking here as they do on their news programming. All it takes is a mouse-click or touch of a fingertip to identify who the image belongs to in much more detail than just their name. But that was too onerous for CNN’s crack team.


Imagine, just for a moment if Fox News had been covering an event, quoted someone named Juan Valdez, and came up with this image

The one good thing about any of this is that CNN, in particular, is being revealed as a hyper-partisan and very sloppy news organization. It is sort of like MSNBC but with less talented people. If they can’t get stuff like this right, how can we trust them to tell an apple from a banana because they are both fruits.


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