Ohio Democrat Candidate for Governor Says He Did a Lot of Boinking in His Day

Image by Andrei Ianofskii via Flickr Creative Commons https://www.flickr.com/photos/ign0me/

Welp, this is one way to get out in front of a potential scandal:

An Ohio Supreme Court justice who recently declared his intention to run for governor defended “heterosexual males” Friday amid mounting accusations of sexual misconduct.

I’m looking at this guy, and as a fellow male I’m calling bullsh** on the quantity and quality he’s claiming. I think there should be a judicial inquiry and we should get a subjective evaluation of the bodycount, so to speak. Let’s start with the “gorgeous blonde.” Because a man who can’t be trusted to tell the truth about his sexual history can’t be trusted. (BTW, this guy is apparently single, never married, and that doesn’t exactly reek of “heterosexual male.” NTTAWWT.)

His follow up is particularly telling:

Now take a quick look at my post earlier today.

What O’Neill is saying is exactly what Kate Harding is saying. That Democrats can’t be drawn into tossing people to the curb for personal misconduct so long as their votes are correct. This is not hard to comprehend and why Republicans can’t understand what is happening–and happily cooperate in their own destruction–just boggles the mind.