This Army Officer Acted Like a Hipster Douche and the Army Is Not Happy

In the Army, there is a lot of good-natured ribbing that goes on of West Point officers by their colleagues who were commissioned via alternative sources (primarily ROTC and OCS). The era of the “ring-knockers” is long over and you no longer find the strong clique of West Pointers at senior levels who ensured that US Military Academy (USMA) grads got the choice jobs and had their careers taken care of. As a ROTC grad, my view was that the USMA produces a solid product that has a lot of strengths along with some systemic weaknesses. I can say the same about ROTC and about OCS. But, on occasion, a real douchebag slips through the system.


This twitter account belongs to Second Lieutenant Spenser Rapone. He is a 2016 (as best I can determine) grad of USMA and currently an infantry officer. A few days ago, he decided to send these tweets. I’m showing them as screengrabs because I have a feeling this account is going to disappear in the near future:



“¡Hasta la victoria siempre!” of course, was Che Guevara’s famous motto.

Wait, there is more:

(photo credit

And he has retweeted some great stuff:


And this nugget (11A is an infantry officer–career field 11–who is in initial entry training).

Personally, I think anyone who supports communism openly is either trolling for attention or a mental defective or a combination. There is no difference between supporting communism and supporting Nazism except the Nazis had neither the time nor the ambition to kill 94 million people. No one in either category should be a commissioned officer in the United States Army.

What makes Rapone so reprehensible is that he’s not some immature 22-year-old, he’s a veteran of 1st Ranger Battalion and a combat veteran. Looking at what I can find of his c.v. (he says he was on active duty from 2010-2012) it appears he was appointed to USMA via the US Military Academy Prep School.


West Point took the unprecedented step of issuing a press release repudiating this clown:


And I’m sure that he’s got all the attention he really wants by today.

Hopefully, the Department of the Army will strip him of his commission and the next we’ll see of him will be running for Congress as a Democrat war veteran.


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