The Story About the Flint Terror Attack the Media Won't Talk About This Sunday

Timothy Wiley, FBI public affairs specialist, holds a photo Amor Ftouhi after a news conference in Detroit, Thursday, June 22, 2017. Amor Ftouhi, a Canadian man, shouted in Arabic before stabbing a police officer in the neck at the Bishop International Airport in Flint, Mich., on Wednesday, and referenced people being killed overseas during the attack that's now being investigated as an act of terrorism, federal officials said. (AP Photo/Paul Sancya)

Two days ago, an Islamist terrorist tried to kill a policeman at the Flint, Michigan, airport. The attacker was a 49-year-old Canadian immigrant from Tunisia named Amor Ftouhi. He screamed “Allahu akbar,” which means “good morning, kind sir” or something like that, or, as CNN says


Then he stabbed and nearly succeeded in killing an airport policeman:

Hurley Medical Center doctors said during a news conference that Bishop International Airport police Lt. Jeff Neville could be released from the hospital within a couple days. Dr. Donald Scholten said Neville was making good progress after being cuton right side of his neck from beside his Adam’s apple to the angle of his jaw.

“This was a matter of millimeters,” Scholten said. “The slash was probably very, very close to severing his major arteries and nerve — perhaps even his windpipe and digestive systems …. This was not a shaving nick, if you will. This was significant force.”

This is where the story gets interesting. Ftouhi tried to buy a gun at a flea market and was turned down because he was not a United States citizen:

The FBI said that Ftouhi entered the country legally last week through Lake Champlain in Upstate New York. The Quebec resident then made his way to Michigan, where FOX 2 learned he visited the Gibraltar Trade Center and tried unsuccessfully to buy a gun.

The Gibralter Trade Center is a massive indoor marketplace where guns and knives are among the many items for sale by vendors who rent space. The last show was this weekend and it’s not clear whether Ftouhi visited the trade center on Saturday or Sunday.


The dealer was apparently unaware of the gun show loophole.

This is a great example of the system working as designed. Even though a police officer is hospitalized, he will recover. We don’t know if Ftouhi bought his knife via the knife show loophole or not, but we can rest assured that not a single mention of this will happen on Sunday because is works against the media’s gun control narrative.


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