Is There Anything Joe Manchin Won't Say to Get Re-elected?

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is one of the Democrat senators on the endangered species list. In the past twenty years, West Virginia has gone from a reliably Democrat state to a solidly Republican one.


Manchin talks a good game at home but when he’s in Washington he’s a fairly reliable vote for Chuck Schumer. Probably nowhere is this more obvious than his stance on abortion. West Virginia is a pro-life state but, to keep his campaign coffers filled, Manchin has to also kowtow to the baby-killing industry.

Take a look at these two pictures taken less than a month apart. The one on the left was taken on May 4.


According to Axios, this is Manchin’s reasoning:

The Senator’s communications director, Jonathan Kott, tells me the Senator will pose for photographs with any of his constituents and that any signs he holds bear no relation to his policy positions.

Seriously? He doesn’t care about what signs are held up for him to pose with?

But abortion isn’t his only case of political schizophrenia. He talks pro-Second Amendment at home and votes pro-gun control in the Senate.

Manchin has a challenger.

Republican Rep. Evan Jenkins announced Monday that he plans to challenge Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin in West Virginia, a seat that Republicans consider within their reach in next year’s midterm elections.

Jenkins, who represents the state’s 3rd Congressional District, criticized Manchin in a nearly three-minute announcement video, painting the incumbent senator as a Washington insider and knocking him for supporting Hillary Clinton in 2016.

A former governor with deep ties to the state, Manchin has wide name recognition in West Virginia but faces re-election as a Democrat in a state that voted for President Donald Trump by 42 points over Clinton last November.

Jenkins, who previously served as a Democrat in the West Virginia Senate, was elected to the US House in 2014 as a Republican, defeating incumbent Democratic Rep. Nick Rahall. Jenkins was re-elected in 2016.


I suspect Manchin is going to find that his duplicity doesn’t set well with voters.


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