Donna Brazile Says Trump Should Give the Democrats What They Want

Donna Brazile, the ethically challenged interim chair of the DNC (but I repeat myself) was on ABC’s This Week and she made an offer to Donald Trump:

BRAZILE: Well, if it’s my way or the highway, then what you’re going to see again is another round of gridlock in Washington, D.C. You’re going to see retribution and retaliation.

He has an enormous opportunity, as every president in the first 100 days, to show that he is eager to find common ground, to meet with Democrats.

Chuck Schumer, I mean, Chuck Schumer knows Donald Trump, both New Yorkers. Have him over for breakfast, have him over for afternoon tea and see if you can find common ground…

I mean, look, I’ve heard from Elizabeth Warren, I’ve heard from Bernie Sanders. I’ve heard from a number of Democrats that will fight.

But there are also other Democrats who are saying, look, put something on the table. Let us work together. We have a lot at stake in terms of the economy. President Obama is leaving the White House and leaving the economy in much better shape than what he found it back in 2009.

We are not hemorrhaging 800,000 jobs a month. The economy is growing, albeit not as fast as most Americans would like it to.

But let’s see what Donald Trump will propose. Let’s see what he will propose on education. Let’s see what he intends to do in terms of ObamaCare.

Will he just repeal it without putting up an alternative that will strengthen it?

Or will he continue to just say I’m going to just get rid of it?


Let’s be clear. You negotiate for exactly two reasons. Either you are too weak to impose your preferred solution or you want to make an irrelevant party feel good about themselves. On January 20, Donald Trump will be president and both houses of Congress will be under GOP control. There is little reason for them to “put something on the table” other than the bill they intend to pass.

Trump, in particular, has little to gain by meeting with Congressional Democrats because a) they can’t be trusted, b) they are out to cause dissent between Trump and the Congressional GOP, c) they will offer nothing constructive on any GOP agenda because to do so works against their electoral hopes in 2018 and 2020, and did I mention d) you can’t trust them because they are duplicitous suckweasels.

I understand what Brazile is doing here but if anyone listens to her they deserve the beclowning they will surely get if they try to make common cause with Democrats on virtually any issue confronting America today.


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