You Won't Believe What MSNBC's Chris Hayes Edited Out Of This Video

Yesterday Russia’s ambassador to Turkey was shot to death on live television by what, to all appearances, is a Islamic radical. In addition to railing on about the deaths of Muslims at the hands of Assad’s army and the Russians at Aleppo, the guy howled the signature greeting of the radical Islamist movement: Allahu Akbar. God is Great.


When MSNBC’s Chris Hayes showed the video on his program this is the version he used:

See what he did there? If not, Mediaite noticed.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes reported on the comments made by Turkish assassin Mert Altintas in the aftermath of his murder of the Russian ambassador Tuesday, but curiously left out the fact that he yelled “Allahu akbar“– “God is great” in Arabic.

“The gunman was Turkish, a 22-year-old officer in the Ankara special forces,” the All In host said. “According to witnesses, the gunman yelled out, ‘Don’t forget Aleppo, don’t forget Syria,’ wounding three additional people before being fatally shot by police.”

Video of the shooting is readily available online, and shows that Altintas immediately yelled “Allahu akbar” after firing the shots. While nearly all outlets included that fact in their reports on the shooting (including MSNBC earlier in the day), Hayes did not.

Hayes’ was the only primetime MSNBC show to omit the phrase from its reporting entirely and/or not show the video of the shooting…


It is difficult to come up with any reasonable, non douchebag reason for doing this. Not only did the shout have to be deliberately edited out, it is also key to understanding the motivation of the killer.

This is why we have western Muslims repeatedly recruited to ISIS and ISIS-like organizations. We are so eaten up with the desire to not offend and the desire to be nice and cuddly that we refuse to confront the evil that is radical Islam even when it is waved in front of our faces.


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