Is Nancy Pelosi Actually In Danger Of Being Dumped By House Democrats?

Is Nancy Pelosi Actually In Danger Of Being Dumped By House Democrats?
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif., looks over her shoulder during a luncheon celebrating St. Patrick's Day on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 15, 2016. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Two days ago Paul Ryan was elected Speaker of the House. The Democrats were scheduled to chose the minority leader today. They didn’t.

Nancy Pelosi’s hold on the House Democratic Caucus is being tested.

Fresh off an Election Day embarrassment, and facing an uprising from her rank-and-file members, Pelosi grudgingly agreed to postpone leadership elections scheduled for Thursday. Democrats will now vote for their leaders on Wednesday, Nov. 30.

The delay is designed to give Democrats time to figure out why they failed to make bigger gains against a Republican ticket led by Donald Trump. Instead of picking up the 10 to 20 seats they had once hoped — or even the majority they secretly dreamed about — Democrats have netted only a half-dozen seats so far, with some races still to be called.

Pelosi claims she has the support of two-thirds of the Democrat caucus, but if that was the case she wouldn’t have been under pressure to put off the leadership elections. In fact, even some Democrats are calling bullsh** on her claim:

Nancy Pelosi claimed to have the support of two-thirds of the House Democratic Caucus Wednesday as she attempted to squash a budding rebellion against her leadership. But the Massachusetts lawmaker who instigated it isn’t so sure.

Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Mass.), who gathered enough signatures to pressure Pelosi to delay leadership elections until after Thanksgiving, noted that the California Democrat had also initially claimed her colleagues were eager to hold elections this week – only to be rebuffed by those who wanted a fuller debate about their miserable performance in recent elections.

“I haven’t seen her list [of supporters],” Moulton said, “but she said that the overwhelming view of the caucus was to hold elections on Thursday and obviously that was not the overwhelming view.”

Knocking off a party leader is hard and it is even harder when you are talking about a Democrat because with them party loyalty and fealty to their hierarchy trumps morality, self respect, commonsense, and even political survival. If you doubt me, consider who their nominee was this year.

Pelosi is not only a deeply corrupt and dishonest old bad, she’s a terrible leader for a minority party that wants to have any voice in the decisions made by the House. We should hope that Pelosi wins her election and punishes everyone who was involved in this episode of sanity leaking into Democrat politics.

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