BIZARRE. Prosecutor Charges Girl As A Sex Offender Because He Can

This is one of those stories that demonstrates the extent to which we have allowed ourselves to be relegated to serfdom by our own government. Keep in mind as you read this that the prosecutor is the chairman of the county Republican party.


A 14-year-old Iowa girl, “Nancy Doe,” is facing sexual exploitation charges for taking two sexy pictures of a minor and texting them to a boy at school.

The minor in question is Doe, which means the Marion County prosecutor has essentially threatened to brand her a sex offender for taking and sending pictures of her own body.

Making matters significantly worse, the pictures in question can hardly be described as child pornography, Doe’s family argues in its lawsuit against Marion County Attorney Ed Bull. In one photo, she was wearing boy shorts and a sports bra. In the other, she had removed the bra but her hair was fully covering her breasts.

The story is basically this. A school administrator discovers a couple of boys using the school’s color printer to print images of classmates. The school informed the police. The police began an widespread investigation because in Marion County, IA, all real crime has ceased to exist. The county prosecutor, pictured below for your amusement and mockery,


called a meeting of parents and children and gave them an ultimatum:

Bull gave the teens an option to avoid charges: they had to enroll in a pre-trial diversion program involving community service, classes on the dangers of sexting, no phone or laptop for set period of time, and an admission of guilt. If they did all these things, they would not be prosecuted.

Bull’s meeting was, if you will excuse the pun, bull. Iowa’s sexual exploitation and child porn laws require the imagery show a child engaged in a sexual act.


It shall be unlawful to employ, use, persuade, induce, entice, coerce, solicit, knowingly permit, or otherwise cause or attempt to cause a minor to engage in a prohibited sexual act or in the simulation of a prohibited sexual act. A person must know, or have reason to know, or intend that the act or simulated act may be photographed, filmed, or otherwise preserved in a negative, slide, book, magazine, computer, computer disk, or other print or visual medium, or be preserved in an electronic, magnetic, or optical storage system, or in any other type of storage system. A person who commits a violation of this subsection commits a class “C” felony. Notwithstanding section 902.9, the court may assess a fine of not more than fifty thousand dollars for each offense under this subsection in addition to imposing any other authorized sentence.

By Bull’s standard a photo of your son or daughter in a bathing suit or your infant in a diaper would constitute sexual exploitation. I don’t know how the cheerleaders in the high school year books escaped his eagle eye.

If they did not agree, he told them he would prosecute them as sex offenders and they would have to register as such for the rest of their lives.

Nancy Doe’s parents did not attend. And their daughter was notified that she would be charged for sexual exploitation.

Bull has filed a pathetic, blustering response to the lawsuit:

This lawsuit is the result of efforts made by my office to respond to a situation where numerous juveniles had exchanged sexually explicit photographs. Rather than take every juvenile to court I looked for a solution that would help them learn from their mistakes and hopefully prevent their behavior from being repeated, while allowing them to avoid having a criminal or juvenile conviction or even a charge on their record.


Nope. Not really. The lawsuit is the result of a bullying and overbearing pissant prosecutor trying to make a name for himself by showing a bunch of middle school students how tough he can talk. He was under no obligation to take “every juvenile to court,” only those who broke the law. And all parties agree that the pictures were no more pornographic that your typical “American Apparel” ad. What the Ed Bull character is doing is retaliating against Doe’s parents because they decided that they, not Bull, were the parents and they, not Bull, would mete out discipline as they saw fit. You see, petty bureaucrats like Bull can’t tolerate the disrespect and contempt they’ve worked damned hard to merit.

This is the kind of stuff, along with Donald Trump, that makes you ashamed to be a Republican and afraid to live in the America these assclowns are trying to create.


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