New York Democrat Relies On Dead Voters To Get Ballot Access

For a movement that prides itself in being “reality based”*, the left spends an enormous amount of time ignoring objective reality. Two everyday examples you run into are “fetuses aren’t people” and “there is no voter fraud.”


Vote fraud exists. No one knows to what extent it exists because there is no government agency actually looking at it. When ever a state does look at it the potential for fraud is enormous. For instance, in 2014 North Carolina identified at least 35,570 people who were registered to vote in North Carolina had also voted in other states. Academic research suggests that votes by illegal aliens might very well have tipped the outcome of close elections in several races. In April of this year, the primary in the Maryland Democrat stronghold, Baltimore City, was decertified for numerous irregularities, not the least of which being more votes cast than there were registered voters in several precincts. And vote fraud comes in a lot of shades and is not limited to casting votes in an election. Using fake voters to gain access to the ballot is probably a much greater problem than having them show up at the polling place.

For instance this:

The Long Island Democrat seeking to replace retiring Rep. Steve ­Israel in Congress is relying on dead voters to get on the ballot, The Post has learned.

Tom Suozzi is collecting signatures to appear on the ballot as both a Democrat and an independent of the “Fix Washington” party in hopes of attracting reform-minded voters in the race against Republican state Sen. Jack Martins.

But some of those who have “signed” apparently pulled off a miracle — because they’re dead.

A voter named “Ed Unser” from 90 Lehigh St. in Williston Park is recorded as signing a Suozzi Fix Washington petition on July 24. But Edwin Unser, 83, died on Jan. 18 of this year, according to his wife, Lucille.

Lucille Unser, who was married to Edwin for 58 years, was furious with the Suozzi campaign for exploiting her husband.


Yep. Because nothing says “Fix Washington” like blatant vote fraud.

This Tom Suozzi character using the names of dead people on a nominating petition is no different from stuffing a ballot box because, without the bogus signatures he wouldn’t even be in the race.

Relying upon dead and non-existent and ineligible voters is a Democrat tradition, developed by Tammany Hall and brought to perfection by Democrat machines in both big cities and rural areas. Look around It is utterly insane when you have to present a form of identification to buy cigarettes or alcohol but you can decide who is elected to office without any documentation whatsoever.



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