FINALLY. Donald Trump Weighs In On the Supreme Court Abortion Ruling

On Monday the Supreme Court decided that there was no legal reason to require that an abortion be performed in a facility that had to meet the same standard as the one you’d go to in order to have an ingrown toenail removed. Today is Thursday. All week Donald Trump has maintained a resolute silence on the issue.

More than 24 hours after the Supreme Court overturned two provisions of the Texas anti-abortion law on Monday, the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee has yet to personally comment on the decision. As of 11:50 a.m. Tuesday, this is the fourth longest gap during Trump’s campaign, according to an account measuring lulls in his Twitter account.

This caused some of his evangelical supporters to get the heebie-jeebies.

Last week, I sat in a New York City hotel ballroom with hundreds of other pro-life and family leaders and heard Donald Trump say something incredibly encouraging: That he promises, if elected president, to appoint pro-life Supreme Court justices.

As leader of a key millennial pro-life organization, this was a bright spot of a meeting that had few other specifics, at which he only answered a handful of pre-screened questions, where nothing was said about Planned Parenthood, and no opportunities were given to delve deeper into exactly why he is pro-life.

We in the pro-life movement know the ultimate importance of the high court appointments, a fact driven home Monday when the Supreme Court broke our hearts by ruling against Texas clinic restrictions.

So where was Mr. Trump, the candidate the pro-life movement is depending upon, when this blow hit?

He was on Twitter, making fun of Elizabeth Warren and lamenting how CNN has gone negative on him. That’s it. Nothing else.

Two days later, his campaign has yet to issue a statement or so much as a tweet about the ruling. Even though he is not president and cannot nominate anyone to the bench now, actions speak louder than words.

But never fear. Now Trump is all over it.

Trump was on Mike Gallagher’s radio show earlier today. I’ve already posted about his puzzlement over how he could not be leading in the polls because he rallies were crowded. His facility with math continued in this portion of the the interview:

This is the kind of answer that shows just what kind of a pathetic, say-anything-do-anything fraud Donald Trump is.

John Roberts, the guy that Trump always likes to talk smack about, voted with the minority on this decision. It was actually a Reagan appointee, Anthony “I love me some sodomy” Kennedy who cast the deciding vote. More to the point, neither Scalia nor anyone appointed by Trump could have change the decision. The vote was 5-3.

Twice now Mitch McConnell has said that Donald Trump is not a credible candidate (here | here). Unless he learns something about the structure of the US government and how to count at least to nine that isn’t going to change.

[UPDATE. I mistakenly thought my audio clip had Trump’s abortion comments on it. It didn’t. My apologies.]