SHOCKER. Serial Bankrupt Donald Trump Doesn't Understand Math

Using the same mathematical skill that has driven a dozen or so enterprises into the dirt and proclaimed the US national debt could be paid off within eight years by the US government selling assets and has kept the lifetime rate of return on his wealth below what he would have received in a passbook savings account, now Donald Trump has focused his blazing intellect on the GOP convention:

Ummm. No. That really isn’t the way things work.

Following Trump’s logic, he, too, could very well end up “mathematically eliminated” because it is by no means certain, or even easy, for him to accrue the 1237 delegates needed to win the nomination on the first ballot. If that happens, then by the math they teach in Trump-istan, there would be no GOP nominee because they are all eliminated.

In real life, a place Trump and his followers don’t seem to visit very often, no candidate is “mathematically eliminated” until a nominee is selected. This is fatuous nonsense of the type that will appeal to Jim Hoft, to Breitbart, to Matt Drudge, to Sean Hannity and the coterie of faux conservatives who while away their waking hours tongue-bathing Trump’s geriatric ass.

It also points to the illogic of the same crew of butt-remoras crying and sniveling about delegates. If delegates were bound, in perpetuity, to a candidate then if no candidate reached 1237 on the first ballot the GOP would have no nominee.

Come to think of it, that would probably do less damage to the GOP than having Donald Trump at the top of the ticket.

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