Elderly Trump Moron Has Temper Tantrum Over Donald Trump's Incompetence

Elderly Trump Moron Has Temper Tantrum Over Donald Trump's Incompetence

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I have to admit this primary cycle has been something of an eye-opener to me. Here I’ve gone through some number of decades believing, really believing, that conservatives, or at least GOP, voters were committed to playing by the rules, committed to believing that rules actually existed. The whole “hanging chad” and “voter’s intent” nonsense in Florida in 2000 was, for me, a metaphor for the two main parties. Republicans voted and counted votes according to previously agreed upon rules. Democrats bitched incessantly about rules and tried to change them, after they lost, in order to win.

I was wrong.

We have those morons, too, and they are voting — no surprise here — for Donald Trump.

Well, I’m back home, still fuming over what happened this morning down in Colorado Springs at the GOP meeting. This is a copy of my Republican Party registration and Republican Party take note. I think you’re going to see a whole lot more of these. I’ve been a Republican all my life. But I will never be a Republican again. Now what do you think’s gonna happen when millions more like me do the exact same thing. Goodbye GOP. I will not be forced to vote for somebody that I don’t want to [mumble, mumble, senior moment] to have, You’re done. You’re toast. ‘Cause I quit. I quit the party. And for the time being at least I’ll be independent and I’m voting for Trump and to Hell with the Republican Party.

Good for you, Mr. Geezer. And that door over there, well don’t let it hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.

If you haven’t followed the Trump debacle in Colorado, it is basically this. The Trump campaign couldn’t be bothered to offer candidates for delegates. The candidates they did offer turned out to be Cruz loyalists. As a result, Donald Trump, acted like Brave Sir Robin this weekend and didn’t bother showing up to a convention that gave basically all of Colorado’s delegates to Ted Cruz.

As a result, Mr. Geezer is blaming Ted Cruz and the GOP because Trump and his campaign are flaming incompetents.

This is sort of a metaphor for a lot of Trump supporters. They have never really applied themselves to anything in life and are pissed because they aren’t keeping up with people who do. There is no reason to believe their politics should be one damned bit different than the way they have run their personal lives.

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