Please, Donald Trump, Shut Up About It And Run As A Third Party Candidate

Over the weekend, Donald Trump was back on his favorite subject, that is, how him not getting exactly what he wants is inherently unfair. No surprise there. That’s the way he has lived his entire life.


Donald Trump refused on Sunday to rule out running as an independent if he fails to win the Republican presidential nomination, renewing a threat that party leaders thought they had quashed months ago.

“I want to run as a Republican. I will beat Hillary Clinton,” Trump said on “Fox News Sunday.”

When pressed to rule out an independent run, the New York billionaire said, “I’m gonna have to see how I was treated. It’s very simple.”

The prospect that Trump will launch an insurgent third party run and draw his ardent supporters away from a rival Republican nominee, widening the divisions in the GOP, is a nightmare scenario for party leaders.

Some are supporting efforts to try to deny Trump the nomination if he cannot lock up enough delegates during the primaries to secure the nomination at the Republican National Convention, a movement that Trump has complained is unfair.

I am so tired of hearing this mewling and bleating that I don’t know what to do.

The fact is that Trump will arrive at the RNC convention with the most delegates. It is doubtful that he will arrived with the requisite 1273 delegates necessary to clinch the nomination. On the second ballot Trump will no longer have the most delegates. He could easily lose on the second ballot. To him this will be monumentally unfair as almost winning should count as a win if you are as awesome at Trump.


No one should care if Trump runs as a third party candidate. There has been zero evidence that he has the intelligence or organizational ability to mount such an effort. The deadline for third party candidates to file is fast approaching and to meet these deadlines requires an extensive on-the-ground presence that Trump simply does not have. At best, assuming his age and lack of vigor don’t get in the way, he can run a write-in campaign. This, of course, means that a lot more of his supporters need to learn how to write in the next few months.

Contrary to his claims, he simply does not have the income necessary to fund a third party run (this is why he refuses to release his income tax returns) and it is doubtful that he will sell off personal assets to raise the money. It is equally unlikely that he can raise the funds for a campaign.

All Trump is trying to do is scare Reince Priebus and various GOP poohbahs into giving him what he wants. Priebus should give him an ultimatum: either shut up about a third party or go ahead and make a try.



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