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At least something funny has come out of Donald Trump’s unmanly and unhinged attacks on Heidi Cruz.

Ted Cruz called Donald Trump a “sniveling coward” Thursday after the billionaire businessman repeatedly attacked the Texas senator’s wife, Heidi Cruz. Now, someone on the Internet is getting in on the action.

The domain name “snivelingcoward.com” has been purchased and redirected so that anyone who types it into their browser is sent to Trump’s Twitter page.

The Washington Examiner’s media desk located the man behind the domain purchase, Randy Hahn, who confirmed in a conversation that he “grabbed the domain name, and redirected it to Trump’s Twitter page.”

“Donald Trump has crossed the line many times over the past few months, but his direct attack on Ted Cruz’s wife … crossed the line. #NeverTrump is more focused than ever, and true conservatives are coalescing around Ted Cruz,” he told the Examiner.


Well, “located” is a bit strong, considering he’s been trumpeting the coup on Twitter.


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