WATCH. Hillary Clinton Dusts Off Her Preacher-Man Act

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There are people who are linguistic chameleons; people who can flawlessly drift between the nuances of various dialects and accents and be convincing to a native audience. Hillary Clinton is not one of those people. She thinks she is. But then, again, she is very prone to self-deception. For instance, she thinks her record as Secretary of State is worthy of catapulting her into the White House.


Everyone has seen this:

Now it has returned:

Hillary Clinton crashed a gospel awards show over the weekend where she momentarily posed as a preacher during the festivities.

Though the 31st Annual Stellar Gospel Music Awards will be broadcast March 6, an audience video of Clinton’s remarks leaked early.

“We all face troubles don’t we,” she told the audience. “And it’s easy to get discouraged. And then all of a sudden maybe you hear a song in church, you hear it on the radio, maybe a friend is singing it,” she said, before reciting a portion of “His Eye Is On The Sparrow.”

“I sing because I’m happy, I sing because I’m free,” she said to shouts and cheers. “His eye is on the sparrow, and I know he’s watching me.

“And all of a sudden those clouds lift and you know you can go on again. So I know this is not just about music. It truly is about the message. It’s about the Gospel and all that it means to so many of us.

I guess you gotta do what works. To date there has been no backlash directed at Clinton for her condescending use of “black English” (I use this for lack of a better term). It is hard to imagine Mitt Romney doing this (he has too much class) or not being booed (and deservedly so) if he tried.


(I was going to mock Hillary’s professed affinity for the Gospel and thought the better of it as many Evangelical ministers have endorsed a self-proclaimed adulterer and philanderer in the Republican primary based on the strenght of his love of “Two Corinthians”– which in New York City could mean most anything.)


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