Women In Combat: Making A Virtue Of Weakness Gets People Killed

women in combat
You may have seen this video that is making the rounds on Facebook. It was taken at an unidentified Army base. The scene is a 12-mile forced march. Her total equipment load is about 35 pounds (that is the equivalent of four one-gallon containers of milk, by way of reference). That is the minimum standard, and no one carries more than they have to. The march has to be completed within three hours. (These are the standards.) You can see her time on the clock near the end of the video.


If you are applauding her, you are taking away the wrong lesson. At the end of the 12-mile march, you are not supposed to lie in a fetal position and twitch uncontrollably. You are supposed to be able to enter combat from the march. In other words, the 12-mile forced march is not a ceiling to be sought; it is the floor of expectations. By comparison, look at the man crossing the finish line in front of her. And keep in mind that absolutely no one in an infantry unit will be so lucky as to carry 35 pounds of equipment:

These standards designate strength requirements for infantry as “very heavy” — meaning a soldier will occasionally have to lift more than 100 pounds, but frequently or constantly be capable of lifting more than 50 pounds. In reality, infantrymen carry anywhere from 60 to 120 pounds of gear in the field depending on their job, Army officials have said.

If you look at the packing list for the march, you will see it excludes ammunition and unit equipment like night vision goggles, etc.

When Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter ordered all combat positions open to women, he did so knowing, or at least he should have known, that his decision was going to result in dead American soldiers. The only reason he opened those positions was to appease the Social Justice Warriors who run the Obama administration and the Defense Department. Women are not needed in combat units because there is no shortage of recruits to fill those positions. Women contribute little to nothing to combat effectiveness because they simply are not as physically capable as men. If you pry Joe Schlub off the sofa and rip the Xbox controller from his hand, then stand him side-by-side with a female athlete of the same height and weight (I’m talking about a chromosomal woman, not one of the multitude of genders recognized on Facebook) she will have, at most, 66% of his lean muscle mass.



When you move into men and women who are in decent shape, the performance differential becomes even more stark. For instance, the world record in the Women’s 800m is held by Jarmila Kratochvílová. Her time is 1:53.28. Below are the top 10 Women’s 800m times:

women 800

Now let’s look at the 800m times from high school boys in the state of California in 2015:

boys 800

Why the top 49 times? Because the top 10 women 800m times ever would place between 16th and 48th place among high school boys times in California.

If you want to do a more apples-to-apples comparison, the top Women’s 800m time would be over seven seconds slower than the 6,258th best Men’s time.

Men and women are not physical equals. And we are playing a very dangerous and very lethal game right now by fantasizing otherwise. Testing by the US Marine Corps that pitted all-male squads against co-ed squads found that all-male squads significantly outperformed the co-ed squads even though the test had been structured to aid the co-ed squad… this is something out enemies probably won’t do:

All-male ground combat units in the Marines were faster, more lethal and less injured than units with mixed genders, according to a Marine Corps study that looked at integrating women into all service jobs.

“All male squads, teams and crews demonstrated higher performance levels on 69 percent of tasks evaluated (93 of 134) as compared to gender-integrated squads, teams and crews,” according a summary of the report released Thursday.


The experience of women going through the US Army Ranger School proved that if they had been treated as male Ranger students, none, zero, not a single one, would have made it through. But that doesn’t matter because some mealy-mouthed SJW thinks she will look hotter if she has the black-and-gold Ranger tab on her uniform.

I am not opposed to women in uniform. I don’t like the idea of women in combat because healthy and vibrant societies do not send their young women off to war. I will even concede that in some roles, such as fighter pilots and helicopter pilots, they are probably as qualified as their male colleagues. But most of the combat arms aren’t those kinds of jobs. In the infantry, the armor, the cavalry, the field artillery, and the combat engineers, the currency of the realm is strength and physical endurance. You cannot file a sexual discrimination complaint against a 125-lb rucksack… but you can get a male teammate to carry it for you.

Go back and look at the video again. In combat, what kind of shape is she going to be end when she arrives at her objective? Who is going to have to carry her equipment so she can keep up with the unit? Who is going to have to protect her as she recovers?

What you are seeing in that video is not courage. You are seeing failed leadership leading from that unit all the way through the Pentagon and coming to rest in the White House. You are seeing a young woman being readied to be sent to her death to satisfy the SJW sisterhood. You are seeing men who will be killed trying to protect her and to do her job when she physically can’t.


You are seeing a cruel farce being perpetrated upon this young woman, upon her unit, and upon her nation.

You are seeing murder being planned.


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