Hear Ted Cruz Make the Best Case Ever For Voting For Him. (VIDEO)

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Yesterday afternoon, Ted Cruz stood before a packed room filled mostly with Evangelical pastors in Cedar Rapids, IA, and made his case:

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“We talked before about the politics of this being effectively a two man race between me and Donald Trump, let me talk for a moment if you happen to be thinking about another candidate beyond the two of us. There are a lot of good people in this race. There are a lot of people who I like, who I respect, who are friends of mine, who I have no intention of insulting or denigrating. But I will say right now, between Donald and me, this is neck and neck. It is an absolute dead heat. And if Donald wins Iowa, he right now has a substantial lead in New Hampshire, if he went on to win New Hampshire as well, there is a very good chance he could be unstoppable and be our nominee. And the next seven days in Iowa will determine whether or not that happens. So even if you’re thinking about another candidate, the simple reality is there’s only one campaign that can beat Trump in this state, and if conservatives simply stand up and unite, that’s everything.”

It is hard to disagree with him. If Trump wins Iowa and waltzed through New Hampshire, there is the near certainty that he rolls up Nevada and South Carolina and roars into the SEC primary, scores big there and then starts running the table a the primaries go back into Trump territory, the large-delegate states of the old Northwest where voters are socially liberal and more friendly to big government solutions. New Hampshire will knock some candidates out as will South Carolina, but it will be extremely hard to stop Trump’s momentum. As the air of inevitability begins to descend upon Trump, the GOP establishment will pull out all the stops to elect him, figuring they had better make their peace and fall in line earlier rather than later.


Here Cruz isn’t asking for support in the general election. He’s asking for strategic voting to stop Trump.

Will it work? We’ll know next week.


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