Come for the fluffy robe and pedicure, stay for the abortion

Come for the fluffy robe and pedicure, stay for the abortion


The problem facing the abortion industry is not that they are losing political and legal fights… they have suffered some setbacks but abortion was raised to the status of a Constitutional right by the daft Harry Blackmun… they are losing the battle for the minds of then next generations. 74% of the millenial generation believes abortion is always or mostly immoral. To combat the stigma associated with abortion, a Washington DC abortuary named Carafem has decided to remake it self as a day spa.

With its natural wood floors and plush upholstery, Carafem aims to feel more like a spa than a medical clinic. But the slick ads set to go up in Metro stations across the Washington region leave nothing to doubt: “Abortion. Yeah, we do that.”

The clinic, opening this week in tony Friendship Heights, specializes in the abortion pill and will be unique for its advertising. Its unabashed approach also reflects a new push to destigmatize the nation’s most controversial medical procedure by talking about it openly and unapologetically.

Plagued by political setbacks in recent years, abortion-rights activists are now seeking to normalize abortion, to put a human face — and in some cases, even a positive spin — on the procedure.

I am sure there are women out there who are joyful about their decision to kill their babies. Sociopaths and psychopaths exist. Some of them get pregnant. The probably do prefer to kill their babies in a spa-like environment. That is no reason to make having an abortion something to celebrate. Anyone with a heart or even the smallest element of conscience should know that any abortion is a tragedy. But not these people:

“It’s fresh, it’s modern, it’s clean, it’s caring,” he said. “That’s the brand we’re trying to create.”

It is hard to see how this business model of “abortion is fun and glamorous” catches on, but, then again, I’ve never been great at picking emerging social trends. If it is successful in DC, they plan to expand to other cities.



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