Respect Life Sunday

Poster for U.S. bishops' 2014-15 Respect Life ProgramToday is Respect Life Sunday, the first Sunday of October, the month dedicated to increasing our respect for human life from conception to natural death.

We continue to make baby steps, if you will, of progress. Women are fleeing abortion evangelist Wendy Davis in Texas. More Americans are becoming skeptical of abortion as anything but a way of killing inconvenient children. States are enacting laws to protect both pregnant women and the unborn from the rapacious negligence of abortion clinics. On Friday, a panel of the 5th Circuit shut down all but eight abortion facilities in Texas dealing a huge blow to the abortion industry’s pocketbook and saving tens of thousands of babies from being run through a medical Cuisinart.


There is a long an daunting struggle in front of us but we are winning hearts and minds and we are winning legislative victories. It is a matter of time until Roe v. Wade joins Dredd Scott and Plessey v. Ferguson in the gallery of terribly flawed judicial decision.


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