Associate of Pedophile Paid to Attack Conservative Candidate by the NRSC

This is the story:

Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel is challenging the barely conscious septuagenarian Thad Cochran for the GOP nomination for senator.

Senator McDaniel had been listed as a keynote speaker at the “Combined Firearm Freedom Day/Tea Party Music Fest in Gunstown, MS on May 17. Among the many vendors at the event was a company called Pace Confederate Depot that sells militaria and Confederate memorabilia. As a reminder, this is Mississippi and a non trivial number of Mississippians (like Virginians hailing from south of the Rappahannock) remain proud of the feats of arms of the Confederate army. (See the flyer.)


The owner of Pace Confederate Depot, a guy named Brian Pace, is also the founder of a dubious group called the “Confederate Patriot Voters United” which agitates for “white” rights. Pace is probably what should be called a “white separatist” rather than a “white supremacist.” The difference, of course, is that Al Sharpton has a show on MSNBC, after flouting a civil judgment and dodging indictment for manslaughter, and Pace is a small business man in Mississippi. On the positive side of the ledger, the group has been designated a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center which places them in the same category as the Family Research Council and the American Family Association and other groups that have opposed sacramental sodomy.

Note that Pace was not a scheduled speaker at the event, his company was not a sponsor, merely one of many vendors.

When Pace’s other activities were brought up to the McDaniel campaign, they pulled out of the event.

It is not unsurprising that Talking Points Memo (sorry no links) jumped on this nothingburger. Pole vaulting over mouse dung is what they do if they think they can damage a GOP or conservative candidate.

Other than some attention from the perpetual outrage fringe of the Democrat party one would think this was over. One would be wrong.


Enter Brad Dayspring (@Bdayspring).

Brad Dayspring, when he is up and dressed gets paid by the National Republican Senatorial Committee to attack conservatives. He’s attacked Dr. Milton Wolf, who is challenging Senator Pat Roberts in Kansas. He’s attacked Mark Levin. He’s been a prime mover in the unconscionable attack on Jamestown Associates. He was involved in the notorious astroturfing of the low-wattage Brian Walsh who remained on the NRSC payroll while convincing US News that he was an independent columnist. And he has relentlessly attacked the Senate Conservatives Fund, the one group actually interested in changing the Senate from a gathering of geriatric kleptocrats into something useful, for renting a townhouse while ignoring the palatial building occupied by the NRSC.

In short, Dayspring is the quintessential ends-justifies-the-means-I’ll-do-anything-you-want-for-money political butt-remora that has done so much to make the NRSC a dishonorable and disreputable institution.

@Bdayspring sent a tweet attacking McDaniel based solely on the TMP article. It was a snide, juvenile tweet of the type that has made Dayspring a joke punchline in the political communications business.


Twitter   BDayspring  Candidates who associate with ... In the interests of fairness we should point out that not only does Dayspring attack conservatives, he has been known to consort with a pedophile. Dayspring was in photos on known pedophile Ryan Loskarn’s Facebook page hanging out and doing what every associate of a pedophile does while hanging out with a pedophile. There are pictures of Dayspring drinking beer with a pedophile and obviously enjoying each others company. Dayspring, according to media reports, was going to have a pedophile in his wedding party.

None of this is to suggest that Brad Dayspring is a pedophile or attracted to pedophilia but only to point out that he consorted over a long period of time with a pedophile. And he’s still in the employ of the NRSC. As Erick asked a while back, Does the NRSC Turn a Blind Eye to Kiddie Porn?

All of this points to the fact that Brad Dayspring has a much more intimate relationship with a pedophile than Chris McDaniel has with Brian Pace. Daypsring would have every reason to be upset if he was accused of being a pedophile enabler and so does Chris McDaniel have every right to be outraged that Dayspring has chosen to insinuate that he has ties to a white separatist.

One understands that Dayspring is doing what Mitch McConnell is paying him to do. That’s fine. But the desperation in his attacks leads one to believe that he knows the gravy train is coming to an end and if he doesn’t engage in scorched earth that he is going to find himself out of a job and with a reputation so tattered that the only job he’ll find will be on a street corner spinning one of those cardboard arrows advertising Persian rugs.



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