Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations: Assault Rifle Edition

chicago shooting
From the New York Times:

Thirteen people, including a 3-year-old boy, were hit by gunshots Thursday night as at least two gunmen opened fire on a group of people who had gathered at a basketball court on Chicago’s South Side, the police said.


While the nation is focused on the massacre of twelve U.S. government employees at the Washington Navy Yard and endless billions of pixels are expended in psychoanalyzing the gunman, the adequacy of security procedures, and which slow, lingering death gun rights supporters and their families should suffer, thirteen people were shot in a single attack on a basketball court in Chicago.

One has to ask question the dichotomy between the media uproar over the first shooting and the blasé acceptance of the second.  While it is true there were no fatalities in the second shooting it was just as calculated as the Navy Yard shootings and only failed due to the lack of proficiency of the gunmen.

The answer would seem to be obvious. This shooting did not fit the narrative needed by the gun control lobby and their bought dogs in the media. Not to put too fine a point on it, the narrative is not advanced by the Chicago shooting for the simple reason that the victims were black. Upper middle class white folks getting gunned down builds a case for gun control. Blacks or hispanics in a lower socio-economic area? Not so much.

In 2012, Chicago had over 500 homicides. Based on the number of murders in August, Chicago could very well break 600 murders this year. You have a better chance of surviving a year’s tour in Afghanistan in a Ranger battalion than you do of surviving for a year on Chicago’s  streets if you are a black male.


There are no “take back the night” demonstrations and the lily-white Brady Bunch does not show its face on Chicago’s South Side. That is because they believe there is no percentage in bringing this carnage to the attention of the nation.

In Thursday’s shooting, a three year old boy was shot in the face. He’s just one of eight actual children — not the Travon-esque 17-year old “child” variety –shot in Chicago over the past two months. From the media: crickets. Can you imagine eight kids being shot on Manhattan’s Upper East Side — assuming anyone there really comprehends how to produce children — and the press not pressing for gun control 24-hours a day? No? Me neither.



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