You Think Obama Stole the Election? Then Read This

We try hard to be a serious website where serious-minded people can interact and a website that can be read and quoted in the media and in political circles without people laughing and pointing. You can’t do that when your comments section is infested with people espousing various conspiracy theories.


RedState has never been simpatico to conspiracy theories. In our history we’ve dealt with 9-11 Troofers and Birfers and all manner of believers in the omnipresence of Opus Dei, the Bilderbergers, the Illuminati, and, of course, the Jews and their ability to manipulate world events. Our response is to ban them on sight.

This last election was a hard loss of all of us, even those of us who were never Romney fans. I think we all realized the limitless ability to harm the nation that Barack Obama and his minions represents. Be that as it may, the people have spoken (the bastards) and we are saddled with this guy for another four years.

If we are going to move beyond this we have to face the facts. We were out hustled. They turned out their base and we couldn’t be bothered to turn out ours, much less do what it takes to win uncommitted voters. We lost. They won. And the nation will suffer because of it.

What did not happen was any “stealing” of the election. No one denies that there were irregularities in some places but the sum total of the allegations do not reach Kennedyesque proportions where they actually affected the outcome in any material way. This is nonsense and just as silly when people on our side make the claim as when the left howled about Diebold machines giving the 2004 election to President George W. Bush (President… George… W. … Bush, my gosh that sounds so beautiful today).


So, heads up. We have made a decision that we will, henceforth and forever, treat those who claim Obama won the 2012 election via shenanigans in the polling place the same way we treat troofers and birfers. We will immediately ban them. We don’t have time to shoot down these arguments every time the appear because they have been definitively refuted on many occasions. If you hold this exotic view and are feeling all butthurt, too bad. Life isn’t fair. If life was fair we’d be anticipating the inauguration of President Mitt Romney Rick Perry and watching the Obama’s pack the U-Haul.


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