Every Movement Needs Its Own Salute

The Obama campaign, after deciding that it would be better if your friends gave money to the campaign rather than give you a wedding gift, has come up with a great new idea. It want’s you to send in photos of you giving the official party salute with something written on your hand.


Outside its brazen embrace of socialism, the most troubling aspect of this administration has been the creepy personality cult (and I mean that both ways) that is cultivated about Barack Obama. The cult is unsettling because Obama is one of the least inspiring men we’ve ever elected to the office. He has no charm, no recognizable people skills, no real interest in the job, no affection for the nation, and yet we see this man hailed as a “light worker.” We see him featured on the cover of a major news magazine with a halo. One has to worry about the spiritual and emotional hollowness of the people who flock to this man and pour their empty dreams into his equally empty soul.


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