The LGBT community has become its own worst enemy

As a person who ticks a couple letters off the LGBT acronym, it’s time to say it plainly and clearly: the biggest threat in regards to my widespread acceptance as a gay trans person is none other than the activists within this “community” that I’ve been forcefully grouped into. 


Whether it’s the creation of infinite genders, the sickening promotion of child drag queens, or the overly long LGBTQQIAAP acronym that makes more sense if you imagine I just had a muscle spasm over my keyboard while typing LGBT, there is no longer any denying, the ridiculousness of mainstream queer ‘activists’ is doing more harm than good. 

There is only so much that people are willing to put up with, sooner than later something is going to snap, and the progress LGBT individuals have attained is going to slide backwards. 

Because here is the truth; gay people are a minority, and to attain the equal rights we deserve as humans, we need straight allies to aid us with influencing governments into doing what is right. Allies that will only understandably drop like flies as gross behaviors such as the aforementioned child drag queens become normalized, or as the gay community begins to freak out at people over nothing. 

Everyday there seems to be a new story that has the petulant children who seemingly make up the entirety of leftist-sphere throwing tantrums online. Outbursts of salty anger that when broken down make absolutely no sense. 

Straight actors can no longer play gay characters lest they become a target for the reactionary hate-mobs that the left has nurtured into existence over the last few years. It is almost incomprehensibly ludicrous how an actor merely doing their job can incite such a rage, but alas, this is the new world upon which we reside.


And as a rationally minded gay person, it irritates me beyond reason. 

Recently the video game publishing company Ubisoft became victim to boiling waves of hate after downloadable content for their most recent Assassin’s Creed game featured the playable character engaging in a straight relationship with the goal of having a baby. 

In a game that allows players to role-play as gay, straight, or bisexual, being funneled into a straight relationship was deemed a heterosexual retcon of the character, or a “hetcon” as some people have taken to calling it. 

As the game’s creative director Jonathan Dumont stated “The intention of this story was to explain how your character’s bloodline has a lasting impact on the Assassins.” Simply put, if you were playing as a gay character, the relationship with the goal of having a baby was purely utilitarian. 

But as is often the case, none of that mattered when it came to the outrage mob mentality of the modern LGBT community. 

Immediately the studio and its publisher were inundated with tweets and articles lambasting them for this narrative decision. Laughably, even the trophy/achievement awarded for completing the DLC came under fire. It is called “Growing up,” which is obviously a clear reference to the baby, but because context no longer matters and because people need to see everything as an attack on them, it was spun by these soft-souls into the implication that Ubisoft was suggesting that being gay is just a phase you grow out of. 


This incident grew so large that even GLAAD stepped in, and is now working with the developers to ‘properly’ handle the third piece of DLC. They even went so far as to tweet the following:

“We are pleased that Ubisoft has listened to LGBTQ players and will be making changes to Assassin’s Creed. This is an important first step toward mitigating the damage done by the game’s latest DLC.”

Yes, you read that correctly. “Mitigating the damage done by the game’s latest DLC.” 

Mitigating. The. Damage.


The left loves to talk about privilege, but what is more privileged than video game DLC being the most pressing issue when it comes to existing as queer. 

Right now on this very planet there are countries where being gay can land someone in jail, Indonesia rounds up trans people and forces them into ‘rehabilitation’ centers, in other nations I could be sentenced to death for what I am, and in some places there are actual roving bands of terrorists who toss people like me off buildings. That doesn’t even begin to touch up on social rights such as gay marriage that is far from a global norm, but sure GLAAD, please tell me how DLC is what is damaging the gay community. 

It sure says something that GLAAD has made more statements about Assassin’s Creed than they have about the two dead gay black men found in Democratic donor Ed Buck’s house.


I can no longer take American LGBT activism seriously, and if somebody in my shoes is in that position, then I most certainly can’t fault those who are straight that look down at people like me and immediately roll their eyes. By no fault of my own I have been turned into a joke. My status as a gay tranny has me standing on a pedestal that is ever more quickly sinking into the floor, pushed lower and lower by the water weight of tears streaming down the faces of the millions who get outraged and triggered over nothing. 

Many in the gay community may like things up their butt, but it’s not a place to rest your head, and it’s time for mainstream gay activists to remove their noggins from their rectums, lest they further hurt the perception people have about those they claim to want to protect. 

I have no doubt that straight allies are inevitably going to be pushed away by the foolish antics of those within this ‘community’. LGBT issues have been turned into something nonsensical. Made worse as one misstep will snag a trap that burns its victim alive in a torrent of raging fire. Nobody likes to walk on egg shells, let alone navigate a room that has been boobytrapped, and so this new environment which has been carefully curated by some of society’s most fragile minds has only resulted in a bubble shaped biome that is going to deflate and suffocate us all. 


A survey has already shown that Americans are becoming less accepting of LGBT individuals. Naturally many on the left were quick to blame the rise of Donald Trump, the alt-right, and whatever other boogeymen reside in the closets of half the country, but maybe it’s time they also look in the mirror and see the damage they themselves are causing.

For a side that is seemingly opposed to guns, they sure do enjoy shooting people in the foot. 


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