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Fredrick Douglas Republicans. That title caught my attention, and made me realize that I am overdue fulfilling a request. I have three points to make. First, just distrusting, despising or disputing President Obama is not a solution for this country. We first must understand what the Democrats are doing and how our preconceived notions may in fact be facilitating their success by our resistance. Second we must work to change the message and expose the Democrats for what they are, what they have been and where they are taking the country. Finally, we need a solution that works in both the Red and Blue states and in the big blue cities. A republican solution to the problem of prosperity for all. I will begin by reproducing the comment originally posted on WCP’s Watercooler about Louisiana State Senator Elbert Lee Guillory’s reasons for changing parties.


I know everyone talks about how “liberal” Obama is, but his “liberalism” even Socialism seems to be one of those things that he lets people conclude and encourages. But the truth is that his behavior is more like Jim Crow Democrats than Leftists. This patronage economy, with big banks and wall street getting rich while the population is segregated and intimidated into submission with the help of Eric Holder is a lot like the government that George Wallace and Bull Conner grew to power within.

One of the odd things we have let happen is to assume that Jim Crow laws were about keeping blacks alone in place. Actually then as now, everyone had a place. And the laws were about keeping everyone in that place. Whites (meaning WASPS) “colored” which included just about every immigrant group (Irish, Italian, Arab,and a whole range from Spanish speaking countries here and abroad) Jews, Arabs, Indians, Asians and of course blacks. Remember the sign said “whites only” not “no blacks”. That is a very significant difference. And each group was pitted against the other, kept in line by attacks through fear and intimidation. Look at what happens to black conservatives, it happened to non-colored liberals under Jim Crow.

The point is, while we are jousting with windmills of false socialist or leftist constructions the real danger is that we are being segregated, intimidated and manipulated into compliance with a very well established crony capitalist system of elite, manor politics.

Black people who can remember Jim Crow days might think, it is our turn on top. But the truth is, most whites suffered under Jim Crow, their options, their place in the world defined by a very few people who manipulated everything to insure their own power and to feed their greed.

Obama is not acting like a leftist, he is acting like George Wallace.


Obama needs us to think he is a leftist, because it our opposition to him on those grounds that gives him the support of the leftist and socialist supporters. But his behavior is not socialist. Socialists build factories, and coal plants. They dam rivers, level forests, pollute the air and water to build huge sterile cities to house factories and houses for the working class. People being put to work in industry comes first to Socialists regardless of the cost to the environment. Obama is no socialist. The Democrats he leads have implemented policies that created the “9th ward” underclass in the all the big blue cities. It is the 60 year old war on industry. Obama, born into a rich banking family, and an African heritage unlike Fredrick Thomas’ slaves, Stalin would have thrown him in the gulag just on principle. Nothing Obama has done shows him to be a socialist. The victims are different, maybe some roles have been switched, Obama is leading a Democrat party that is nothing more than a modern version of the Jim Crow segregationist Democrats that owned the south for 8 decades.

The War on Industry. Nothing drives the “ruling class Democrats” policies more then their hidden agenda to destroy industry in this country. We hear a lot about the war on drugs, the war on poverty,  the war crime. But these are nothing more than plays, put on to raise taxes. The real war is the war on industry. FDR was a socialist, he fought against poverty by building power plants, damming rivers, paving highways and improving infrastructure so that business could thrive. Big business, big smoke stack industries. What good is a pristine environment when only a few rich people can enjoy it, like the ruling class, elitist plantation way of life the Democrats were founded to preserve.


What Republicans need to win is a return to an industrial economy. The service economy serves the ruling class elites, mostly Democrats, who benefit by having segregated groups vying against one another for the limited opportunities they allow. Think gangs of New York. The new influx of foreign nationals will feed the racist/segregationist agenda of the Democrats. Power is wielded by Democrats, while Republicans tend to tread softly on the pedals of power. This is why so many competing groups support Democrats, because they offer access to power. But it is a well oiled machine that does not actually fix the problem. The farther this county gets from an industrial economy, the more power the Democrats will have. The ancestors of the Black populations that live in the big cities didn’t move in mass to places like Philadelphia in the 30’s and 40’s because of Jim Crow laws in the south. They weren’t treated all that well anywhere. They moved because there was so much need for strong backs and hard work to support industry. Labor at every level was needed by the millions. Those people who can’t graduate, who can’t find jobs, who languish in a Democrat induced “9th ward” style misery today are descended from hard working people who came to put their strong backs and willingness to work in the industrial giant that was our big blue cities. Where there once was millions of good paying factory jobs that didn’t and still don’t require a high school education, the Democrats have built parks and amusements for the rich, ruling class elite to enjoy, free of sensory insults of a thriving industrial economy. These monuments to the wealthy created by Democrats are the reason we have masses of poorly educated, discouraged and dependent people lost in our cities. Fighting the barriers to restoring our industrial base in these big blue cities is a winning platform for Republicans. Even if the ruling class elite in both parties don’t like it.


The course for Republicans seems to be clear. Reverse the war on industry, dismantle the tools the Democrats use to destroy opportunity, and my favorite, return to a federalist style of government to the extent possible allowing different regions and differing communities their own values free from federal meddling. Do the hard work that the people in big blue cities need to fight against the barriers to prosperity and we will win their votes. And given the transparent racism, segregationist policies and the Chicago Way version of George Wallace/Bull Conner style segregationist, elitist, Democrat ruling class politics the base support for the Republic, and the Republicans, could be far broader than previously imagined.


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