GOProud's Outing of Rick Perry Pollster Tony Fabrizio Backfires, Outs Them Instead

Earlier this week, Governor Perry released a campaign ad which contained a line about gays being able to serve in the military, but children not being allowed to pray in schools. The theme of the ad was ending President Obama’s ‘war on religion.’  It was, of course,  met with the usual and expected responses from various quarters. I’m not going to defend nor bash the ad; it’s neither here nor there to me. What I found most disturbing, and most telling, was GOProud’s reprehensible, bullying and bigoted response to the ad.


A report surfaced that Governor Perry’s Chief Pollster, Tony Fabrizio, was opposed to the ad. GOProud jumped on that and ran all the way to Vileville with it, exposing their belief that all gay people must think the same way. Granted I’m one of those icky breeders, but I’m fairly certain that gay people are, you know, individuals. With thoughts and beliefs of their very own.  Not so, according to GOProud! Stray too far, and we will shame you into lockstep! You see, in the midst of a stompy foot temper tantrum, GOProud’s true colors came out – and the colors are so not fabulous:

Between updates he made on his Twitter feed and an interview he gave to The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein, the co-founder and executive director of the gay GOP group GOProud, Jimmy LaSalvia, appears to be claiming that Rick Perry’s top pollster Tony Fabrizio is gay — and using an ugly antigay slur to describe him….

Reached for comment and offered to appear on my radio progam to discuss the comments, LaSaliva passed, saying that what he said to Stein said enough and that he didn’t want to “play in the outing sandbox.”

Um. You can’t say that you don’t want to ‘play in the outing sandbox’ while playing in the outing sandbox. Further, the anti-gay slur appeared on his twitter feed and is pictured below:

He followed that up with a tweet confirming that he “was talking about Rick Perry’s pollster/strategist.” He reaffirmed both today, including his use of the F word which I can now only assume is fair game, as it has been GOProud Approved ™. Not content with just putting themselves in identity politics-laden boxes, they decided to ‘out’  Tony Fabrizio in a contemptible attempt to force him into the box they made for him. This is a typical Leftist tactic and one that cannot be tolerated by, or on, the Right.


Make no mistake; what GOProud did is a typical leftist tactic. ‘Outing’ is used as some sort of brave action defending the ‘gay community’, for which the outers pat selves on back for being so true to the cause ™ and exposing the alleged ‘hypocrisy’ of the outees. But there is no hypocrisy! One can be gay and also be opposed to gay marriage or the repeal of DADT, for example. That is allowed; people have this pesky habit of thinking for themselves. So, in actuality the bullying ‘outing’ tactic is in no way honorable; it is simply disgusting, nasty, vindictive and super assy. The sole intent is to attempt to shame and marginalize those who don’t bow to a liberal agenda and stray too far from the plantation (just as they constantly try to sexualize or dehumanize conservative women). See, even the slightest hint that gay people don’t all think and believe the same things is a danger to the Left, much like how they believe all African-Americans should think the same.

Remember Barbara Boxer, Ma’am questioning Harry Alford, the chair of the National Black Chamber of Commerce and being all ‘but… but … the NAACP disagrees! How can you not think the same as they do?!” She was shocked and in disbelief that he could possibly disagree with the NAACP and the 100 Black Men of Atlanta. How can this be? This does not suit! All y’all must think the same – race politics are our bread and butter! Or when Harry Reid was flabbergasted at the very thought of a Hispanic being a Republican. Harry Reid is someone whose ivory tower should be padded. He said “I don’t know how anyone of Hispanic heritage could be a Republican.” Think independently?! Unheard of.


In the same way, gay activists, liberal and faux-conservative alike, want people to believe that political ideology and sexuality are somehow magically and permanently tied together and cannot be separated. One’s sexuality must dictate whether or not one believes in gay marriage legislation, repeal of DADT and the like. The same way that a fancy womb must dictate whether or not one is pro-abortion (you are gender traitor if you disagree). Outing is the blackmail and ‘punishment’ for not toeing this revolting line. And it’s disgusting. It’s vile when the Left does it and it’s even more vile when an alleged Right group does it.

I’ve supported GOProud in the past and this greatly disappoints me. It would have been one thing had GOProud simply denounced the ad. I would have expected that, even if it had shown them to be a one-note organization. That’s to be expected with identity politics groups. It’s kind of the purpose of  organizations founded upon some sort of group identity, no matter how forcefully such groups try to proclaim – or even try to be – otherwise. But they didn’t stop there and they’ve supported similar bullying tactics before. They support Human Rights Campaign and their gestapo tactics against Cleta Mitchell, wherein they are going after her law firm for daring to have an attorney at their firm who is openly against gay marriage. Funny how *some* people aren’t supposed to be “living openly and honestly“, huh?

You know, this is not the way to make nice-nice and convince people that you are right on an issue. All they’ve done is engaged in a circle of jerks smugly back patting – we expose the supposed hypocrisy of men who dare to be both gay and socially conservative! Or who even just work for someone who is.


But, in reality, all they’ve exposed is the reprehensible tactics of gay activists and the Left. Which is, evidently, redundant.




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