Government At Work: Groping Children Is Preferable to Perceived Profiling


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) recently implemented new supposed security measures, which include a mandated trip through a full body scanner that shows you in all your naked glory, or lack thereof. It’s all cool, though, because if you don’t wish to have your naked body ogled, you can always get felt up instead via the new “enhanced pat-down” option. It’s all about choice, baby! Whichever you prefer: leering or groping.


Surely, you’d think, this wouldn’t be done randomly, but would rather be a targeted measure. And, you’d also think, certainly the absolutely random subjection of children to such “pat-downs” wouldn’t occur. Well, you’d be wrong on both counts. Of course this isn’t targeted – that would be too profile-y and stuff! Because, tolerance. Or something. You see, because we must tolerate those who wish to kill us, we cannot offend them. We cannot be perceived to be singling out a certain group. We must, therefore, waste time and resources using terrorism countermeasures against, you know, NON-terrorists. And we are to pretend that 90-year-old grandmas from Nebraska flew planes into buildings on September 11th. Or that three-year-old girls strapped bombs to their shoes or in their underwear.


The TSA should change its name to Totalitarian Sexual Abuse. This child was terrified, tormented and assaulted. And we are supposed to find this acceptable, because it is allegedly For Our Own Good ™?  “Kids, do not ever let a stranger touch you. If they try,  scream, run away and tell someone immediately. Wait, whoops! Unless it’s government molestation. Then, shaddup.”

Hey, you know what would actually be for our own good? I’m no Janet Napolitano (thank goodness), but it seems to me that we should try out that whole using targeted security measures, based on actual suspicion and clues, like they do in Israel. Oh, silly me. That would mean acknowledging that it is a specific radicalized group of people who wants to kill us and not tea partiers. And it might even entail mentioning the word Islam. Oh, the horror.


As it stands now, we do nearly the opposite. We go out of our way to ass kissily show that we are not “profiling.” Which is why I now think that I’m giong to have to start putting my 7-year-old daughter in a burqa when flying.  It is clearly the only way that I can ensure that she won’t be groped by TSA.

The above video shows something else highly disturbing. Is the public so cowed by “government knows best” strong arm tactics that they are now willing to let some low-level,  government-employed flunky assault their children, as they merely stand by and film it? People say that you can’t know how you’d react until you are in a similar situation. That is often true. But it is not true when it comes to protecting one’s children. No threat to me, especially a stupid monetary threat of a fine, outweighs protecting my child from harm. I would not have allowed that to happen and I certainly would not have stood by passively and filmed my terrified child with my little cell phone.  The only way I’d have used a camera, were that my child, would have been to teach the TSA employee a little something about what happens when a camera goes where the sun don’t shine. I’m small, but I’m scrappy.

Where the sun don’t shine, by the way, is where any terrorists would attempt to smuggle stuff. So, these pat-downs aren’t just egregious, they are worthless. They want to kill us, stupid. Assaulting our personal liberty and taking naked scan pictures of moms from South Carolina or feeling up some dude from Tennessee’s junk won’t stop that. Nor will tormenting our own children. Political correctness moved from annoying to potentially deadly. It is now also abusive.


It’s bad enough the Government constantly condescends to the American public and treats us all like half-witted children. I think the past election showed them that we will no longer stand for that. Let this be another Teachable Moment for them: do not dare try to use – and worse, harm – our children to perpetuate your own demented quests for absolute power and pathetic “multiculturalism,” politically correct acceptance.


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